Compliance, Data & The Future of Work


What if we told you the key to managing risk around compliance, data security, and your changing workforce could all be found within your Payroll department? The most innovative multinational companies are starting to tap the potential of payroll to help them understand their needs and abilities, and better manage risk throughout their business. In this webinar, we’ll explore how better payroll practices can improve compliance, deliver data security and visibility, and help attract the talent required to realize your future vision.



With GDPR around the corner we’re reminded of the role payroll professionals play in managing the risk around executing compliance mandates efficiently and effectively. Payroll is close to the data and the process. When payroll understands and truly owns compliance, they can proactively fix issues before a payroll run, versus reactively reporting a compliance violation that could potentially harm the business.



In an uncertain regulatory environment, good data management enables organizations to adapt to changing situations and demands. Payroll data is some of the most validated HR information available. While the importance of ensuring data security is understood in payroll departments, it’s not always a given—and equally important is the need to have data readily at hand should a legal issue arise. One key metric global executives should measure is “Speed to Accurate Data.” Keeping that number low is essential to successfully managing payroll compliance.


Future of Work:

The rise of effortless, ubiquitous connectivity has forever changed the look and potential of the global workforce, with the gig economy and contingent workers redefining our ideas of employment and career. To win and retain top talent, global organizations must be able to pay, report, and analyze these positions accurately and on time. If hiring the workforce of the future requires workarounds that deliver a poor employee experience, the employer risks their ability to achieve future goals.

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Paul Bartlett is the CEO of CloudPay, a global payroll and payments solution for multinational organizations. A global business expert, Bartlett has deep experience helping companies improve the efficiency and scalability of their operations using technology and services.

As CloudPay's CEO, Bartlett spearheads corporate innovation and product development initiatives focused on automating client workflows, providing greater visibility into payroll processes and costs, minimizing manual practices, and helping organizations realize the strategic value of Payroll.





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