Choosing a Payroll Strategy for Your Global Company

In this presentation we provide a framework you’ll need to make a good decision about improving your payroll process and go deep into what is available from today’s payroll vendors, and define the prevailing global payroll models available today. You’ll hear stories of how other multinational companies are navigating ... Read More

Webinar- 5 Global Payroll Trends in 2018

Growth, productivity and innovation are fueling global business, and the need for multi-country payroll is far outpacing single country services. Organizations face unique challenges in the digital transformation journey, including moving beyond outdated global payroll models of aggregating multiple providers for ... Read More

Webinar- Payroll as Risk Management

What if we told you the key to managing risk around compliance, data security, and your changing workforce could all be found within your Payroll department?  The most innovative multinational companies are starting to tap the potential of payroll to help them understand their needs and abilities, and better manage ... Read More

Webinar: The Future of Payroll

What percentage of your payroll activities will soon be automated? What tasks are most likely to be automated, and which will continue to require human intervention?  In Payroll, apprehension towards automation and robotics is high among directors, managers, and practitioners alike. But is it justified? Professionals’ ... Read More

Webinar: Managing Global Payroll & Compliance

Managing global payroll operations can be a challenge. Multinational companies have to be conscious of ever-shifting laws, statutory requirements, financial regulations, contracts, and collective bargaining agreements. Additionally, many payroll operating models are outdated and there is no standardization among local ... Read More