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Global Payroll Resources

The Payroll Professional’s Year-End Checklist

Christmas is upon us once more - and while it’s known as the season of goodwill to all, there’s plenty of payroll professionals who will be glad when it’s all over. With year-end looming, many payroll teams across the world will be working right through the festive season just to get payroll wrapped up. If this Read More

Global Payroll Guide & Solutions from CloudPay

Although payroll is one of the more fundamental business needs, our understanding of the function and its implications remains minimal at best. In fact, many business leaders rarely consider payroll beyond the basic requirement of paying employees, failing to realize the strategic value of this core function, which Read More

What Self-Service Payroll Means in the New Millennial World

Millennials are expected to represent more than 35% of the global workforce by 2020 according to Manpower Group - whilst in the US, that figure was reached way back in 2016. This trend is driving an increasing sense of urgency for employers who are currently failing to meet the needs of this younger workforce. But Read More

The Case for Connection in the Digital Age

The spread of modern technology and its ability to provide us with instant information and communication has, for better or worse, transformed our world. While in the virtual sense we are undoubtedly more connected than ever before, people overall are interacting less. This decidedly digital phenomenon is gaining Read More

Quarterly Digest: Insights from Our Partner Network, September 2019

While many aspects of global business tend to ease up during the third-quarter summer months, there has been no slowing down on the side of our payroll and human resources partners. From helping organizations better understand how cloud solutions can meet their modern payroll needs to identifying new ways Read More

Why Your Payroll Provider Matters

For a function so integral to the success of any organization, payroll doesn't get a lot of attention outside of the people who run it. Yet, everyone at a company relies on it, it's typically the largest cost center, and it tends to be responsible for more up-to-date, company-specific data than any other department.  Read More

How the Way We Pay Is Changing

It’s a startling understatement to say the needs of today’s global workforce have changed from traditional established norms. Yet, many key aspects of business are only beginning to adjust to the still evolving pressures and expectations that are shaping the modern working world.  As debate swirls around headline Read More

Payroll Lessons from Superstar Companies

In the past few years, leading economists and business analysts have increasingly focused on the rise of superstar firms as a newer phenomenon shaping our global economy. Attaining practical insights from the analysis, however, has been a challenge, in large part because the definition of a 'superstar' has varied Read More

In Celebration of Global Payroll

It’s Global Payroll Week and an opportunity to spotlight the important work international payroll professionals do every day to make sure the world’s workers are paid accurately and on time. More companies than ever are operating globally, with many more expanding into new countries every day, which means the need for Read More

Do’s and Don’ts for Global Payroll RFPs

The request for proposal or RFP is one of the most challenging and important initial steps any organization can take toward better global payroll. Yet, many companies don’t give the process proper consideration, sometimes recycling previous RFPs or even borrowing from a file recently used by a related function, such Read More

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