The First 90 Days: Guide for Global Payroll Leader

Whether you’ve just landed your first role as a global payroll lead or you’re still working your way up the leadership ladder, you’ll know the importance of making a strong start to a new position. One popular corporate philosophy suggests the first 90 days in a leadership role are particularly important for a new ... Read More

How Global Payroll Can Adapt to the Gig Economy

Remote and flexible working may be very much the new normal right now - we’re writing this at the time of the COVID-19 pandemic that’s put much of the world on lockdown. Yet truth be told, the make-up of the modern workforce had changed long before ‘self isolation’ became such a common term. Along with advances in ... Read More

The Role of Payroll in Digital Transformation

With technology advancing at a pace not all organizations can match, it’s fair to say the last decade was one of disruption. For many businesses, it was also a period of digital transformation, as they sought to harness emerging tools and technologies to reinvent operations for the modern era. Now, at the start of a ... Read More

Should You Build a Specialized Payroll Team?

As globalization continues to enable greater mobility and flexible working for employees, national and local authorities simultaneously impose greater regulations around tax, compliance, and employee benefits. For the global business, this means a more complex payroll picture than ever, with an increasing number of ... Read More

Calculating ROI In Global Payroll

When building the business case for global payroll, much rests on the potential return on investment (ROI). While cost should not be the only consideration in the move to a global payroll solution, as not all benefits show up clearly on a balance sheet, it is ROI that so often drives the conversation at boardroom ... Read More

The Role of Today's Global Payroll Leader

Responsible for ensuring the entire global workforce is paid accurately, on-time, and without issue, the role of the global payroll leader is both demanding and rewarding in equal measure. It’s a challenging, all-encompassing role, typically supporting employees across many cities and countries by managing all aspects ... Read More

The Payroll Professional’s Year-End Checklist

Christmas is upon us once more - and while it’s known as the season of goodwill to all, there’s plenty of payroll professionals who will be glad when it’s all over. With year-end looming, many payroll teams across the world will be working right through the festive season just to get payroll wrapped up. If this ... Read More

What Self-Service Payroll Means in the New Millennial World

Millennials are expected to represent more than 35% of the global workforce by 2020 according to Manpower Group - whilst in the US, that figure was reached way back in 2016. This trend is driving an increasing sense of urgency for employers who are currently failing to meet the needs of this younger workforce. But ... Read More

The Case for Connection in the Digital Age

The spread of modern technology and its ability to provide us with instant information and communication has, for better or worse, transformed our world. While in the virtual sense we are undoubtedly more connected than ever before, people overall are interacting less. This decidedly digital phenomenon is gaining ... Read More

Quarterly Digest: Insights from Our Partner Network, September 2019

While many aspects of global business tend to ease up during the third-quarter summer months, there has been no slowing down on the side of our payroll and human resources partners. From helping organizations better understand how cloud solutions can meet their modern payroll needs to identifying new ways ... Read More