How To: Understanding Payroll Issues to Improve Performance

Much has been made of data and analytics in recent years, with nearly every service provider promising software updates and capabilities that offer greater analytics to help your operations, whether in global payroll, HR, finance, or another core function. However, there is an important distinction to be made between ... Read More

Four Key Benefits of Single-Source Payroll Data

The unprecedented volume of data produced, collected, shared, and stored on a daily basis has become a hallmark of the modern working world. Amid growing demands for data protection and transparency, and evolving regulatory requirements like GDPR, it is clear to both companies and consumers that our masses of data ... Read More

Choosing Discreet Innovation Over Disruption

We live in an era obsessed with disruption, enchanted by the bright lights of bold, novel ideas and increasingly bored with the tedium of measured, practical ones. But as we celebrate the origin stories of startups born at late-night, caffeine-fueled hackathons, we often overlook an unspoken truth about disruption ... Read More

Build A Learning Environment for Your Payroll Team

London Black Cab Taxi drivers must pass “The Knowledge” test before they become licensed to work. This requires them to have full recall of a network of up to 25,000 streets in a six-mile radius from Charing Cross, a course that typically takes three years to master and requires constant updating for diversions, new ... Read More

The Folly of ‘No Decision’ in Global Payroll

Multinational organizations experience change on a continuous basis. And when it comes to both day-to-day employee changes—around starters, leavers, promotions, or salaries—and big-picture business moves related to company growth, expansion, or management shifts, the payroll function is always affected. Given the ... Read More

Dodging the Potential Pitfalls of Paperless U.S. Payroll: 3 Tips

Now that cloud-based technology makes it easier than ever for organizations to streamline their global payroll processes, many multinational companies want to extend the benefits of end-to-end digital payroll as far as they can. For some, that means cutting the traditional end product of the payroll cycle – printed ... Read More

Removing the Roadblocks to Successful Global Payroll Management

Why do we see so much interest in consolidating global payroll management but so little success? Creating a unified system for managing payroll is high on the list for most global enterprises today, but implementing it remains a significant challenge. For one thing, the elements that enterprises need to evaluate are ... Read More

Why now is the time to simplify your global payroll payments delivery

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4 Steps to Dramatically Improve Global Payroll Calendaring

The payroll calendar has been, and continues to be, a key tool in the payroll delivery function. Without a clear, deadline-oriented way to view processing dates and timing expectations, no payroll team can execute their responsibilities effectively; for organizations that deliver payroll across a number of regions, ... Read More