Executive Spotlight: Eric de Keizer, VP of Customer Experience

With more than 25 years of experience developing global payroll, HCM, and even IT solutions for leading multinational organizations, Eric de Keizer exudes both confidence in his understanding of what’s possible for customers and appreciation for the ongoing evolution of what’s needed to maintain business advantage in ... Read More

Why Smaller Companies Should Think Big About Payroll

While it can be easy to see payroll merely as a means of ensuring employees are paid accurately and on time, a larger consideration for companies today is the potential of the payroll function to add value to the broader organization. This is especially true for smaller businesses with global ambitions. Yet, when ... Read More

Case Study: Consolidating Global Payroll with CloudPay

Since becoming a CloudPay customer, online marketplace leader Groupon has consolidated its global payroll operations to a single provider, running payroll for more than 8,500 employees across 18 countries all on the CloudPay platform. In this video, Groupon’s head of global payroll details the current state of payroll ... Read More

Measuring the Effects of Separate Payroll and Payments

Multinational organizations of all sizes are adopting technology-driven solutions that optimize and automate key business functions like HR, Finance, Sales—and, increasingly, Payroll. Now, years into this digital revolution of work systems, the value of integrating related solutions is evident in minimized risk, time, ... Read More

2018 Platform Highlights: Looking Back and Peeking Forward

The CloudPay product team has been hard at work over the past year, addressing key needs and exploring new ways to improve the performance of our customers’ payroll operations. Looking back, we’re pleased to say that we’ve not only helped companies worldwide manage their businesses better, but actually moved the ... Read More

Making the Connection Between Payments and Payroll

While it’s common for people outside of a company’s payroll and payments departments to think they are one and the same, the reality is that the two functions are typically kept separate. They may even live under different branches of the organization, with payroll commonly operating as part of human resources and ... Read More

5 Essentials for the Future of Payroll Shared Service Centers

Shared service centers (SSCs) have been in existence for many years, implemented primarily to reduce business’ costs. However, as the competition for work has driven prices up in offshore locations, the cost benefits of SSCs have become marginalized – and new drivers, such as increased efficiency through automation, ... Read More

Paying the Price for a Fragmented Approach to Payroll

While the fields of physics and business may have little in common, there is one concept that bridges both disciplines: inertia. In business, inertia represents an organizational resistance to change. More specifically, the concept of inertia speaks to the tendency of senior leaders to maintain existing frameworks as ... Read More

Assess Your Current State of Payroll

From integration to robotics to analytics, it seems global payroll providers today are talking about a different function than the one we knew ten years ago. It’s true: payroll technology has taken off, and today’s leading solutions are working with top HR and finance systems to ensure multinational enterprises have ... Read More

What Is Multi-Country Payroll?

Payroll often represents the most significant portion of an organization’s annual revenue spend, though many leaders rarely consider payroll outside of the need to get employees paid. In reality, payroll is much more than a payslip. It can be one of the most complex aspects of running a business due to the needs of ... Read More

Measuring Success One Year In

Taking on a global payroll transformation involves a tremendous investment of time, resources, and expectations. Such a project brings with it many benefits, but some, understandably, take longer than others to realize. That’s why it’s important to know what you can expect after just the first year to help you ... Read More