Demystifying Integration in Global Payroll

The ability of global payroll to support and even further the goals of multinational organizations depends largely on the people processing payslip data and the technology they use every day. Increasingly, that technology is transforming the way we work, enabling more accurate processing in less time, which translates ... Read More

5 Reasons Workday Customers Are Moving From PICOF to PECI

Workday is the HCM platform of choice for many businesses all over the world - but with its enterprise payroll software only extending to the US, Canada, the UK and France, customers with a workforce beyond these borders must integrate Workday with a global (or localized) payroll provider. As all payroll customers ... Read More

The Cost-Saving Side of Payroll Integration

When it comes to selecting and optimizing technology solutions for core business operations, decision-makers often struggle to weigh organizational needs and goals against the cost of modern systems. It’s a balancing act: the business needs a better solution, but it also needs to manage costs. Unfortunately, the ... Read More

Dynamic Technology Will Drive Payroll Forward

The pace at which the operational needs of multinational organizations are developing shows no sign of slowing as 2019 begins. Luckily, technology is staying a step ahead, even as business leaders are still coming to understand what’s needed to remain competitive today, as well as what their companies will need and ... Read More

What to Expect in Global Payroll in 2019

This has been a significant year for global payroll and HR teams, with important technology developments, fundamental regulatory changes, and ongoing consequences of both. Improved applications and robotic process automation (RPA) have paved the way for important changes in how payroll professionals do their jobs, as ... Read More

HCM & Payroll Integration: A Look at CloudPay Connect 2.0

As organizations of all sizes continue to re-evaluate and address legacy HR and payroll systems and processes en route to enhanced digital operating models, cloud-based applications are increasingly being selected as the vehicle for HR transformation. With the introduction and increasing prevalence of advanced APIs, ... Read More

Executive Spotlight: Josep Elias, COO Small Business

Throughout a payroll career spanning three continents, Josep Elias has honed a natural ability to quickly assess processes and personalities, and identify ways to harmonize the two. Since joining CloudPay as COO of Small Business, Josep leverages his passion for people and innovation to help guide the expansion of ... Read More

The Impact of Contingent Labor on Global Payroll

The rise of the contingent workforce has signaled an important, if not expected, evolution of the way we do business. Suddenly specific skills can be acquired as needed, where and when they are required. The inherent possibilities of a contingent workforce are generally mutually beneficial, balancing the changing ... Read More

How Integration Is Shaping the Future of Payroll

For years major organizations around the world have been adopting and upgrading enterprise technology solutions to improve essential business functions, most notably in HR, Finance and Sales. Recently the digital transformation has extended to the payroll function, a development that appears perfectly timed with the ... Read More

3 Questions to Ask for an Effective HRIS Integration

The list of reasons to integrate your global payroll and human resource information systems is long and full of promising benefits, but the most basic incentive is to ensure that the two systems are using the same data. Integrated data delivers greater accuracy, improved visibility, process standardization, and more ... Read More