3 Ways to Approach Payroll Implementation

No matter how it is planned, implementing a global payroll solution is a tremendous undertaking. Just gathering the information required and plotting the sequence of country rollouts can be daunting for even experienced project managers. Add in the fact that a large number of payroll transformations coincide with ... Read More

3 Key Steps After Payroll Implementation

Implementing a new global payroll solution is no small feat. It requires significant investment of time, resources, and commitment from multiple departments, and impacts workflows across the organization.  It’s also only the beginning of life with your new payroll service. The good news is that what comes next is ... Read More

3 Ways to Keep Your Global Payroll Implementation On-Track

As a global payroll project enters its deployment phase, organizations typically seek a swift, streamlined implementation to minimize time to value. Yet failure to prepare for the rigors of rollout often leads to painful project delays, with issues showing up late in the implementation process. Not only do these ... Read More

3 Questions to Ask Your Payroll Implementation Team

The journey toward efficient global payroll begins with an effective implementation, an achievement that is much easier said than done. From clarifying goals and scheduling tasks to securing data and managing add-on requests, implementation is a substantial undertaking for even the most experienced and organized ... Read More

Video: An Overview of Global Payroll Implementation

For global payroll and HR teams preparing to switch to a new payroll solution, the implementation process can be intimidating. What will happen to your data? How can you avoid delays in your active payrolls? What do these new terms mean? In reality, implementation is an opportunity to understand and address any ... Read More

6 Keys to a Successful Global Payroll Implementation

Implementing a new global payroll solution can be a daunting prospect. Whether it’s the first global solution for your organization or you’re replacing an underperforming system, the idea of switching an existing process for payroll can raise the anxiety levels of everyone involved. To ensure a successful ... Read More

Stage 3 of Global Payroll Implementation

In reviewing the key needs and challenges involved in planning your global payroll transformation and evaluating potential solutions providers, you’ve no doubt developed a comprehensive understanding of your organization’s objectives both for payroll and future company goals. Given the critical role of payroll as an ... Read More

Stage 2 of Global Payroll Implementation

In the first stage of payroll implementation, we discussed both the importance and challenges of undertaking a global payroll transformation. Beyond being an essential function of any operation, payroll is typically an organization’s largest cost center and consistently an underused resource of strategic data. As ... Read More

Introducing the 3 Key Stages of Global Payroll Implementation

In the quest for better business performance, large organizations must continually evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of their operational functions. When the focus is on payroll, their assessments rarely receive high marks. Take another look, however, and many organizations will find that a transformation in ... Read More

3 Insider Best Practices for Payroll Implementation

During my career, I’ve worked on both sides of payroll, as client and as provider, and I’ve seen how an organization’s approach to implementation can greatly influence the future success of their payroll system, whether positively or negatively. The following three best practices will help you start your payroll ... Read More

Executive Spotlight: Marlene Felisberto, VP of Operations, Americas

With more than eight years of experience at CloudPay, Marlene Felisberto can rightfully claim expertise in global payroll operations. Fluent in both Portuguese and Spanish, she has implemented and operated payrolls across more than 30 countries and now manages an operations team that oversees payrolls throughout all ... Read More