Executive Spotlight: Judith Lamb, Vice President of Global HR

Throughout her career in human resources, Judith Lamb has transformed her genuine interest in people and personalities into a valuable, layered understanding of their needs and motivations. Now in her second year at CloudPay, she’s using that understanding to help grow and maintain a global workforce that’s dedicated ... Read More

February Digest: Insights from Our Partner Network

As GDPR and other major regulatory changes loom large over multinational business, the critical role of data comes into increasingly sharper relief, not only as a compliance need but as a strategic business tool. By improving both processes around data management and the learning made possible from data analytics, ... Read More

All Things Being Equal: Gender Pay Gap Reporting

Gender pay gap reporting will soon be mandatory in several countries. We look at the requirements and what they might mean for payroll professionals. “It is a truth universally acknowledged that women almost always end up being paid less than men” *. Okay so Jane Austen didn’t actually write this as her starting line ... Read More

Eliminating the ‘Gray Spaces’ Between HR & Payroll

Human resources (HR) and payroll each play key roles in the employer-employee relationship. For either department to run smoothly, there must be collaboration between the two. At a macro level, however, the relationship between HR and payroll can be fraught with challenges. The disconnect between the two functions is ... Read More

CloudPay’s January Digest: Insights from Our Partner Network

In this first month of 2017, global payroll professionals and HR industry leaders have been preparing themselves for what will certainly be a dynamic year. The regulatory and statutory changes that will stem from new U.S. presidential leadership and shifting membership in the European Union are just the beginning. ... Read More

Managing Culturally Diverse Teams: 3 Lessons from Global Payroll

Few areas of the enterprise are as diverse as global payroll: To pay employees around the world, global and regional payroll managers interface with internal employees and external partners from many different cultural backgrounds, working from a variety of different international locations.  The inherent diversity of ... Read More

Never been a better time to integrate your HCM with global payroll

Compared to many business functions, the HR department has, in recent years, been an early adopter of technology-driven approaches. If not for Customer Relationship Management (CRM), HR would have been the first to embrace Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) as an alternative to on-premise. With the latest advances in global ... Read More