The Value of Personalizing the Payroll Experience

A positive employee experience sits at the heart of HR management strategies today, and with good reason. The latest research from Gallup found that just 34% of employees in the US are engaged at work, leaving two-thirds of the workforce either not engaged or, worse, “actively disengaged.” So it makes sense that ... Read More

Getting the Most from Your Payroll-HR Workflow

The successful management of a global workforce relies on fluid, organized interaction between human resources and payroll. But what happens when payroll-HR workflows break down? At a minimum, necessary steps to correct issues will cost the company in time, money, and employee satisfaction. In worst-case scenarios, ... Read More

How Payroll Can Support a Dynamic Workplace Culture

As the look and expectations of the globalized workforce continue to evolve, greater emphasis is being placed on workplace culture, what it means, and how it can support employees regardless of location. Beyond factors like company values or office environments, more organizations are looking at how the business ... Read More

3 Ways Payroll Can Promote Financial Wellness

The negative impact of stress on employee productivity and engagement is a well-documented reality. As employers try to better understand the link between employee health in general and their performance at work, they find a clear correlation between financial challenges and worker well-being. And at this intersection ... Read More

The Importance of Partnership Between HR and Payroll

The way we work is changing at an incredible pace, bringing about new opportunities and unforeseen challenges that have many business leaders feeling overwhelmed by all that is at stake. A global labor shortage means retaining employees requires new levels of innovation, and employment regulations are continually ... Read More

The Strategic Impact of Payroll on Employee Engagement

At the core of employee engagement are relationships built on trust and a positive work environment that keeps an organization’s employees happy, healthy, and engaged. Whether it's uncompetitive pay, lacking development opportunities, unavailable managers, or unappealing benefits, there are many reasons today’s ... Read More

New Episode: The Power of Unified HR and Payroll, featuring Workday

The latest episode of the Payday Global Payroll Podcast is now live, bringing you an in-depth conversation with Laurent Botella of Workday about the continuing challenges facing payroll and HR teams, and how leading organizations are finding solutions using unified technology platforms. As official partners since ... Read More

Going Global: Special Video Episode of the Payday Podcast

There’s a pervasive myth in global payroll that companies can’t have one system across all locations. Groupon begs to differ, having implemented a single HR and Payroll solution across its global footprint. In this episode, Groupon’s Director of Global Payroll, Ricardo Rehkopf, explains how his organization ... Read More

Executive Spotlight: Judith Lamb, Vice President of Global HR

Throughout her career in human resources, Judith Lamb has transformed her genuine interest in people and personalities into a valuable, layered understanding of their needs and motivations. Now in her second year at CloudPay, she’s using that understanding to help grow and maintain a global workforce that’s dedicated ... Read More

February Digest: Insights from Our Partner Network

As GDPR and other major regulatory changes loom large over multinational business, the critical role of data comes into increasingly sharper relief, not only as a compliance need but as a strategic business tool. By improving both processes around data management and the learning made possible from data analytics, ... Read More