The First 90 Days: Guide for Global Payroll Leader

Everybody knows the importance of making a strong start to a new job, especially in the case of a new leadership role. Whether you’re joining a new organization as a global payroll leader or you’ve been promoted from within, you’ll naturally be keen to make your mark as quickly as possible. In most businesses, there’s ... Read More

Understanding Payroll Payments

Unifying global payroll and payments solutions can deliver the process improvement and productivity boost that competitive multinationals seek, while delivering a more responsive and consistent employee experience worldwide. The challenge comes in overcoming the divide in understanding that persists between the to ... Read More

Robotic Process Automation in Global Payroll

In this CloudPaper, we explore how the same automation that helps secure a customer’s personal data also reduces costs for the company, improves payroll accuracy for employees, and eliminates tedious manual work for the payroll professional. For global organizations, RPA offers the means to standardize and streamline ... Read More

Beyond The Payslip: The Hidden Costs of Payroll Fragmentation

The fields of physics and business may have little in common, but there’s one concept that bridges both disciplines: inertia. In business, inertia represents an organizational resistance to change. More specifically, the concept of inertia speaks to the tendency of senior leaders to maintain existing frameworks as a ... Read More

Change Management in Global Payroll CloudPaper

Investing in organizational change is a company’s most important growth strategy. With a transformative change in Payroll, an organization can set the foundation for long-term success: Moving from a ‘decentralized’ vendor landscape to a consolidated global solution helps organizations reduce operating costs, increase ... Read More

Building a Business Case for a Global Payroll Solution

Among multinational companies of all sizes, payroll and HR team members increasingly recognize the value of utilizing a unified global payroll solution. Their superiors, however, need convincing to see beyond the upfront costs of change management to the long-term benefits of a new solution. The only way to advocate ... Read More

Delivering The Promise of Real-Time Insights for CFOs

For many global companies, one big challenge still remains - an inability to bring payroll data together easily, in a form that can be visualized by the Board. For many business leaders and Chief Financial Officers (CFOs), this missing information is a constant source of frustration. It should be at your fingertips, ... Read More

The 3 Key Stages of Global Payroll Implementation

Implementation is about balancing the need to realize the time to value in the shortest possible timeframe, whilst ensuring you take everyone with you - especially those at the local country level. In this CloudPaper, we explore each of the three stages of global payroll implementation – evaluation, selection and ... Read More

Changing the Game: Next Generation Global Payroll Analytics

Managing global payroll effectively requires real-time visibility into what’s happening across the entire payroll function, and why. With next-generation analytics, organizations can visualize their data to understand payroll performance in context – earning far more actionable and insightful intelligence than they ... Read More