5 Keys to Successful Change Management in Global Payroll

Making the decision to change your global payroll solution isn’t easy—and it’s just the beginning of a potentially lengthy and challenging process. However, a massive transformation project doesn’t have to be hard on the people involved. By focusing your efforts on select key areas, as discussed in the Change ... Read More

Building Your Future by Acknowledging Your Challenges

How small changes to the delivery model and approach to customer service helped transform CloudPay into an industry-leading solution At a global payroll conference last month, a gentleman approached me with some process questions. We spoke for a few minutes, then he grinned and said, “You know, you guys used to have ... Read More

Change Management in Global Payroll: 10 Keys to Success

Transformative change is key to growth for today’s multinational companies. Business success now demands constant adaptation: If a global company isn’t continually evolving, improving, and responding to challenges across the entire enterprise, it risks stagnation (or worse, irrelevance). But change is rarely easy for ... Read More

Global Payroll Innovation: Delivering Integrity, Not Disruption

With technology infiltrating nearly every aspect of work and life, today’s companies are thinking well beyond “business as usual” within their businesses. In the digital-first landscape of 2016, innovation is what differentiates an industry’s winners from its losers. As a consequence, many companies consider driving ... Read More

What the Tumultuous International Landscape Means for Global Payroll

A major key to successful global payroll is consistency: Statutory guidelines and employee details may change often, but the expectations of payroll – accurate payments, timely compliance filings, routine reporting, and so on – remain the same. The stability of the payroll function is crucial to the stability of the ... Read More