Dealing With The Pandemic - Key Considerations for Payroll Continuity

As the Coronavirus pandemic continues to spread country by country, global businesses are facing testing times in the most literal sense. COVID-19 has pushed the practice of business continuity to its limits, stretching the recovery plans of organizations big and small to new levels. It’s the biggest test of Business ... Read More

3 Keys to Earning Local Buy-in for a Change in Global Payroll

  When it comes to making a case for change in payroll, the C-suite is far from the only group you need to convince of the benefits of a new global payroll solution. As with any change initiative, such a transformation is likely to encounter resistance among multiple areas of your organization. In fact, at ... Read More

Lessons in Digital Transformation - from the Payday Podcast

Digital transformation projects are among the most challenging initiatives an organization can ever face — especially when that project is being rolled out on a global scale. Many such projects fail to launch, and many more fail to deliver on their promises. But when executed successfully, they can change the game for ... Read More

Key Stakeholders In Global Payroll Part 2: Stakeholders Explained

The successful implementation of global payroll often hinges on the strategic engagement of a wide array of stakeholders. In part one of this two-part blog, we looked at how to identify and ‘map’ these stakeholders according to their interest and influence - a fundamental starting point for the creation of that ... Read More

Key Stakeholders In Global Payroll Part 1: Stakeholder Mapping

There can be few internal business projects that truly impact every employee in an organization - but the roll-out of a global payroll solution is one. The successful implementation of global payroll typically depends on your ability to manage the people side of the process as much as the technical side, requiring ... Read More

5 Ways to Influence Decisions for Global Payroll

Following on the heels of significant technology advancements that have changed the way organizations think of everything from marketing to human resources, it is now payroll’s time to transform from back office necessity to strategic contributor. And just as the systems companies use to manage those other key ... Read More

Making Sure Your Payroll Needs Survive the Procurement Process

Many global organizations hire suppliers and make strategic sourcing decisions based solely on capabilities and cost. But is there more? Research and experience tells us the answer to that question is a resounding yes.  “If you’re going to work with a strategic supplier to fill gaps in capabilities, skills are ... Read More

How to Conquer the 5 Most Common Payroll Challenges

Theodore Roosevelt is credited with saying ‘nothing worth having comes easy,’ an adage proven endless times over. So whether you’re implementing global payroll for the first time or looking to introduce more centralized and standardized processes to your existing payroll, the good news is that the result will likely ... Read More

Managing Change for a Growth-Focused Future

Change is rarely easy for multinational organizations. With a global staff come global concerns and, in the eyes of senior stakeholders, the potential for global problems. Change one small element of your operations, the thinking goes, and you risk causing a ripple effect of disruptions across the enterprise. Fear of ... Read More

Tips for Timing Your Global Payroll Transformation

Making the switch to a global payroll solution requires a substantial investment of time, resources, and effort from multiple teams within an organization. From setting objectives and assessing total payroll costs to reviewing RFPs and selecting a vendor, plenty of that time is spent before the specifics of ... Read More