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Global Payroll Resources

3 Ways to Keep Your Global Payroll Implementation On-Track

As a global payroll project enters its deployment phase, organizations typically seek a swift, streamlined implementation to minimize time to value. Yet failure to prepare for the rigors of rollout often leads to painful project delays, with issues showing up late in the implementation process. Not only do these Read More

How Parental Leave Differs Around the World

Imagine it’s 1899, and as a young woman, you have had the temerity to get married. Your employer summons you to the office, reminds you that the company operates a “marriage bar” prohibiting the employment of married ladies, and says therefore your services are no longer required. Perhaps even more difficult to Read More

3 Ways Payroll Can Promote Financial Wellness

The negative impact of stress on employee productivity and engagement is a well-documented reality. As employers try to better understand the link between employee health in general and their performance at work, they find a clear correlation between financial challenges and worker well-being. And at this intersection Read More

Payroll Country Spotlight: 7 Key Facts About Payroll in the Philippines

As part of our continuing effort to help payroll professionals everywhere address the complexity of global payroll, we’re asking our internal experts about the unique challenges and requirements of processing payroll in some key countries. For this spotlight, we turn our attention to the Philippines, the welcoming Read More

Payroll Insights from the World's Happiest Countries

The idea that happy employees perform better at work and are more likely to be satisfied with their job is nothing new. Thought leader across many fields, from business to government to social sciences and beyond, have analyzed and studied the correlation and its economic impact for years. The first broad, formal Read More

Introducing the Payroll Efficiency Index

To develop and maintain a competitive edge in today’s economy, multinational companies must explore every opportunity to improve processes, manage costs, and gain value from even basic tasks. While the global payroll function arrived late to the digital optimization party, we have made impressive advancements not just Read More

Taking Payroll Transparency Global

As the largest cost center for most businesses and an increasingly key strategic driver, the payroll function ranks comfortably near the top of business areas in which visibility is essential. Sensitive and highly regulated data concerning your entire workforce is continually processed through your payroll system, the Read More

In Celebration of Global Payroll

It’s Global Payroll Week and an opportunity to spotlight the important work international payroll professionals do every day to make sure the world’s workers are paid accurately and on time. More companies than ever are operating globally, with many more expanding into new countries every day, which means the need for Read More

3 Questions to Ask Your Payroll Implementation Team

The journey toward efficient global payroll begins with an effective implementation, an achievement that is much easier said than done. From clarifying goals and scheduling tasks to securing data and managing add-on requests, implementation is a substantial undertaking for even the most experienced and organized Read More

A Guide to Pay Parity Laws Around the World

Although calls for equal pay for equal work have intensified in recent years, the concept is anything but new. Efforts toward improving wage equality date to the early nineteenth century, when newly unionized female workers in industrialized nations like the UK took action to negotiate wages closer to those earned by Read More

5 Factors for Successful International Payroll

The pace of change in today’s dynamic global economy is a difficult one for many organizations to keep up with. Equipping a multinational company with the agility needed to remain competitive requires optimized internal processes that support business goals, and business leaders are taking a closer look at what that Read More

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