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Meal Vouchers for the Modern Workforce

The saying goes that there is no such thing as a free lunch, but in many countries the provision of a meal voucher or free food at the workplace is a well established benefit on which many employees rely. The origin of these schemes varies among countries, but many of them have become an integral part of workforce Read More


Executive Spotlight: Josep Elias, COO Small Business

Throughout a payroll career spanning three continents, Josep Elias has honed a natural ability to quickly assess processes and personalities, and identify ways to harmonize the two. Since joining CloudPay as COO of Small Business, Josep leverages his passion for people and innovation to help guide the expansion of Read More


Assess Your Current State of Payroll

From integration to robotics to analytics, it seems global payroll providers today are talking about a different function than the one we knew ten years ago. It’s true: payroll technology has taken off, and today’s leading solutions are working with top HR and finance systems to ensure multinational enterprises have Read More


What Is Multi-Country Payroll?

Payroll often represents the most significant portion of an organization’s annual revenue spend, though many leaders rarely consider payroll outside of the need to get employees paid. In reality, payroll is much more than a payslip. It can be one of the most complex aspects of running a business due to the needs of Read More


Country Payroll Spotlight: 7 Key Facts about Payroll in Germany

As part of our continuing effort to help payroll professionals everywhere address the complexity of global payroll, we’re asking our internal experts about the unique challenges and requirements of processing payroll in some key countries. First up is Germany, in which the industrious citizens who support Europe’s Read More


The Strategic Importance of Payroll

There has been a revolution in many areas of business management brought out by the increasing automation of key tasks and the outsourcing of the more menial and labor-intensive administrative functions. Across the board, professionals have largely shifted focus from task management to value-based contributions and Read More


3 Essential Questions to Ask Before Building Your Payroll RFP

As the business world becomes more comfortable with the cloud and automation technology, payroll and HR teams are gaining a greater understanding of and desire for the benefits of adopting a unified global payroll solution. A request for proposal, or RFP, is generally considered the first step in selecting a future Read More


September Digest: Insights from Our Partner Network

The theme of technological transformation continues through the third quarter of 2018, as multinational organizations gain a greater understanding of how workforce needs are evolving, how emerging technologies are expanding capabilities, and how cloud-based solutions are merging the two in a more efficient and Read More

next generation payroll analytics

Next Generation Global Payroll Analytics: Your journey to building process transparency and making payroll a catalyst for improved business performance.

global payroll implementation

Global Payroll Implementation: A comprehensive guide to building a business case, selecting a solution and successfully deploying global payroll.

building a business case for global payroll

Building a Business Case for a Global Payroll Solution: Learn how to build a benefits-driven business case for a change in global payroll.

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