Sick Pay and Layoff Terms During COVID-19 (Part 2: Germany & China)

The current global pandemic will be the biggest business continuity issue that any of us are likely to experience in our working lives. Global payroll professionals will play a key role in ensuring that pay keeps being delivered and those working continue to receive the incomes that allow the basics of life to carry ... Read More

How Global Payroll Can Adapt to the Gig Economy

Remote and flexible working may be very much the new normal right now - we’re writing this at the time of the COVID-19 pandemic that’s put much of the world on lockdown. Yet truth be told, the make-up of the modern workforce had changed long before ‘self isolation’ became such a common term. Along with advances in ... Read More

The Role of Payroll in Digital Transformation

With technology advancing at a pace not all organizations can match, it’s fair to say the last decade was one of disruption. For many businesses, it was also a period of digital transformation, as they sought to harness emerging tools and technologies to reinvent operations for the modern era. Now, at the start of a ... Read More

The Top Tech Trends Impacting Global Payroll in 2020

In an era of unrelenting technology advancements, barely a pay period goes by without a new idea or innovation entering the payroll world. Keeping up with the latest tech trends is essential to delivering the kind of best-in-class global payroll experience many organizations now expect. Of course, the time demands of ... Read More

Should You Build a Specialized Payroll Team?

As globalization continues to enable greater mobility and flexible working for employees, national and local authorities simultaneously impose greater regulations around tax, compliance, and employee benefits. For the global business, this means a more complex payroll picture than ever, with an increasing number of ... Read More

Calculating ROI In Global Payroll

When building the business case for global payroll, much rests on the potential return on investment (ROI). While cost should not be the only consideration in the move to a global payroll solution, as not all benefits show up clearly on a balance sheet, it is ROI that so often drives the conversation at boardroom ... Read More

The Role of Today's Global Payroll Leader

Responsible for ensuring the entire global workforce is paid accurately, on-time, and without issue, the role of the global payroll leader is both demanding and rewarding in equal measure. It’s a challenging, all-encompassing role, typically supporting employees across many cities and countries by managing all aspects ... Read More

3 Keys to Earning Local Buy-in for a Change in Global Payroll

  When it comes to making a case for change in payroll, the C-suite is far from the only group you need to convince of the benefits of a new global payroll solution. As with any change initiative, such a transformation is likely to encounter resistance among multiple areas of your organization. In fact, at ... Read More

Why Size Doesn't Equal Security in Global Payroll

“Nobody ever got fired for hiring IBM.” It’s a saying that’s been used in business for more than 20 years, and to some degree, it still reverberates today. Used to justify the decision to choose one technology vendor over another, it’s a vote for the ‘safe bet.’ The understanding is that by choosing the biggest player ... Read More

What CCPA and LGPD Mean for Global Payroll Teams

From redefining personal data to legislating responsibility for it, recent data protection regulations have transformed the way multinational companies manage and process data. GDPR may have been the first sweeping regulation, but it is certainly not the final word, as additional countries and jurisdictions continue ... Read More