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A Guide to Pay Parity Laws Around the World

Although calls for equal pay for equal work have intensified in recent years, the concept is anything but new. Efforts toward improving wage equality date to the early nineteenth century, when newly unionized female workers in industrialized nations like the UK took action to negotiate wages closer to those earned by Read More


5 Factors for Successful International Payroll

The pace of change in today’s dynamic global economy is a difficult one for many organizations to keep up with. Equipping a multinational company with the agility needed to remain competitive requires optimized internal processes that support business goals, and business leaders are taking a closer look at what that Read More


The Benefits of Outsourcing Payroll

Outsourcing payroll has many advantages. Handing over this essential part of business to an external partner can save time, money, and compliance headaches, making it a wise move for multinational companies of all sizes. This is why an increasing number of enterprises and small business owners are turning over their Read More


Country Payroll Spotlight: 7 Key Facts about Payroll in Hong Kong

As part of our continuing effort to help payroll professionals everywhere address the complexity of global payroll, we’re asking our internal experts about the unique challenges and requirements of processing payroll in some key countries. For this spotlight, we turn our attention to the dynamic Asian location of Hong Read More


How to Catch Up in the Robotics Revolution

In 1961, workers in the General Motors plant in West Trenton, New Jersey, stood back and watched as a robotic arm lifted pieces of scalding hot metal from a die casting machine—a modest movement that previously posed a very real health and safety risk to the workers. The machine was called Unimate, built seven years Read More


Quarterly Digest: Insights from Our Partner Network, March 2019

As the first quarter of 2019 comes to a close, we take a look at the helpful tips and information offered by our extensive partner network to guide multinational organizations and companies just beginning their global expansion toward better payroll and HR management. From harnessing the potential of data analysis to Read More


The How and Why of Bringing Payroll and Payments Together

While multinational companies of all sizes are increasingly integrating essential business functions like human resources, finance, sales, and now even payroll, important aspects of these functions are often overlooked. End-to-end delivery of global payroll includes payments and treasury services, yet many Read More


The Importance of Partnership Between HR and Payroll

The way we work is changing at an incredible pace, bringing about new opportunities and unforeseen challenges that have many business leaders feeling overwhelmed by all that is at stake. A global labor shortage means retaining employees requires new levels of innovation, and employment regulations are continually Read More


Payment Systems in the UK Explained

  For multinational organizations considering doing business in England, Wales, Scotland, or Northern Ireland, one of the most important factors to figure out early in the process is which of the various payment systems in the UK will best suit their needs. Understanding the language involved and the differences in Read More


Improve How You Manage Your International Payroll Deadlines

Payroll calendars are an essential tool for payroll professionals, allowing them to schedule tasks and see at-a-glance upcoming deadlines and requirements. Whether you track every minor event or just manage key deadlines like approval and statutory filing dates, chances are that a calendar system is central to Read More


Executive Spotlight: Eric de Keizer, VP of Customer Experience

With more than 25 years of experience developing global payroll, HCM, and even IT solutions for leading multinational organizations, Eric de Keizer exudes both confidence in his understanding of what’s possible for customers and appreciation for the ongoing evolution of what’s needed to maintain business advantage in Read More

next generation payroll analytics

Next Generation Global Payroll Analytics: Your journey to building process transparency and making payroll a catalyst for improved business performance.

global payroll implementation

Global Payroll Implementation: A comprehensive guide to building a business case, selecting a solution and successfully deploying global payroll.

building a business case for global payroll

Building a Business Case for a Global Payroll Solution: Learn how to build a benefits-driven business case for a change in global payroll.

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