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Global Payroll Resources


Executive Spotlight: Paul Bartlett, Chief Executive Officer

A veteran enterprise leader with substantial experience across multiple industries, Paul Bartlett approaches his role as CEO of CloudPay with a curiosity, openness and determination to find new solutions to legacy problems that has characterized his career. With a keen appreciation of the complexity of global payroll Read More


Video How-To: Do More with Your Gross-to-Net Data

One of the primary benefits of using a centralized global payroll solution is the ability to take a holistic view of your payroll data and performance. For dynamic multinational organizations, the potential to see up-to-the-minute costs, payments, deductions, and more across a single country or the global enterprise, Read More


Tips for Timing Your Global Payroll Transformation

Making the switch to a global payroll solution requires a substantial investment of time, resources, and effort from multiple teams within an organization. From setting objectives and assessing total payroll costs to reviewing RFPs and selecting a vendor, plenty of that time is spent before the specifics of Read More


Video How-To: Benchmarking Your Payroll Performance

As technology advances the possibilities for multinational organizations to leverage and learn from their payroll data, analytics tools are becoming indispensable elements of global payroll solutions. Benchmarking your payroll performance against that of similar organizations is key to fully understanding the Read More


Choosing Discreet Innovation Over Disruption

We live in an era obsessed with disruption, enchanted by the bright lights of bold, novel ideas and increasingly bored with the tedium of measured, practical ones. But as we celebrate the origin stories of startups born at late-night, caffeine-fueled hackathons, we often overlook an unspoken truth about disruption Read More


Video How-To: Setting Up a Multicountry Payroll Calendar

Managing the competing requirements of payroll operations around the world is an ongoing challenge, and while organizing tasks and deadlines in a shared calendar should help, existing calendar systems too often don’t, with many being more more of a burden than an aide. A key advantage of our Calendar module is its Read More

next generation payroll analytics

Next Generation Global Payroll Analytics: Your journey to building process transparency and making payroll a catalyst for improved business performance.

global payroll implementation

Global Payroll Implementation: A comprehensive guide to building a business case, selecting a solution and successfully deploying global payroll.

building a business case for global payroll

Building a Business Case for a Global Payroll Solution: Learn how to build a benefits-driven business case for a change in global payroll.

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