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At Work with Automation: Future-Proofing Your Job

Though automation is not a new topic in payroll circles, it remains as much a point of debate today as when it first began impacting our industry at the start of the millennium. It’s not going away, and more and more payroll professionals are now embracing automated solutions, although not without hesitation. Such a Read More


Introducing the 3 Key Stages of Global Payroll Implementation

In the quest for better business performance, large organizations must continually evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of their operational functions. When the focus is on payroll, their assessments rarely receive high marks. Take another look, however, and many organizations will find that a transformation in Read More


CloudPay's September Digest: Insights from Our Partner Network

As we prepare to enter the final quarter of 2017, strategy and future planning will take a front seat in multinational organizations. For many, the focus will stay on means of increasing agility to improve performance, particularly as that applies to the continuing trend toward greater automation and a more flexible Read More


Building Your Future by Acknowledging Your Challenges

How small changes to the delivery model and approach to customer service helped transform CloudPay into an industry-leading solution At a global payroll conference last month, a gentleman approached me with some process questions. We spoke for a few minutes, then he grinned and said, “You know, you guys used to have Read More


Common Payroll Practices Across Africa

If your company wants to sell specialist machine tools to the Nigerian oil industry, buy Kenya’s agricultural produce, or dig for gold and diamonds in South Africa, you’ll find a growing, affluent market ready to do business across this dynamic continent. Whether you are sending expatriates to run your business Read More

next generation payroll analytics

Next Generation Global Payroll Analytics: Your journey to building process transparency and making payroll a catalyst for improved business performance.

global payroll implementation

Global Payroll Implementation: A comprehensive guide to building a business case, selecting a solution and successfully deploying global payroll.

building a business case for global payroll

Building a Business Case for a Global Payroll Solution: Learn how to build a benefits-driven business case for a change in global payroll.


Whether you manage payroll in five countries or 50, you need global access to data to ensure compliance beyond borders and get the analytics and insights that will move your company forward.