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5 Keys to Successful Change Management in Global Payroll

Making the decision to change your global payroll solution isn’t easy—and it’s just the beginning of a potentially lengthy and challenging process. However, a massive transformation project doesn’t have to be hard on the people involved. By focusing your efforts on select key areas, as discussed in the Change Read More


Executive Spotlight: Gareth Hughes, CTO

Since joining CloudPay seven years ago as the UK development lead, Gareth Hughes has leveraged his proclivity for using technology to solve functional challenges into a career characterized by positive change. With a PhD in contextual hypermedia, a background in Agile development, and an ability to see and solve big Read More


Stage 3 of Global Payroll Implementation

In reviewing the key needs and challenges involved in planning your global payroll transformation and evaluating potential solutions providers, you’ve no doubt developed a comprehensive understanding of your organization’s objectives both for payroll and future company goals. Given the critical role of payroll as an Read More


November Digest: Insights from Our Partner Network

The idea of advancing technology elicits a broad range of reactions, including anxiety, ambivalence, and anything in between. For global organizations seeking to improve or innovate their products and services, however, new technologies provide a welcome source of opportunity and ideas. In this November issue of our Read More


Global Payroll Models: The Future Is Unified

In the wake of Y2K, the newly interconnected world began seeking ways to reconcile a reality that was increasingly, permanently, dependent on data with growing fears of that data being compromised. An amazing cycle had begun, in which the use of data resulted in the creation of more data, which contained ever more Read More


3 Steps to a Better Business Case for Global Payroll

Among multinational organizations of all sizes, payroll and HR team members are increasingly recognizing the benefits of adopting a unified global payroll solution. It’s easy to see how switching from a fragmented collection of legacy systems to a single solution can help standardize processes, reduce errors, and Read More


Global Payroll Models: In The Beginning

Technology has a way of injecting a peculiar sense of selective amnesia into culture. For the overwhelming majority of human history, people couldn’t communicate across vast distances. The telephone itself is less than 150 years old. Yet today it’s difficult to imagine not having a phone in your pocket capable of Read More

next generation payroll analytics

Next Generation Global Payroll Analytics: Your journey to building process transparency and making payroll a catalyst for improved business performance.

global payroll implementation

Global Payroll Implementation: A comprehensive guide to building a business case, selecting a solution and successfully deploying global payroll.

building a business case for global payroll

Building a Business Case for a Global Payroll Solution: Learn how to build a benefits-driven business case for a change in global payroll.


Whether you manage payroll in five countries or 50, you need global access to data to ensure compliance beyond borders and get the analytics and insights that will move your company forward.