At Work with Automation: Future-Proofing Your Job

Though automation is not a new topic in payroll circles, it remains as much a point of debate today as when it first began impacting our industry at the start of the millennium. It’s not going away, and more and more payroll professionals are now embracing automated solutions, although not without hesitation. Such a ... Read More

CloudPay's September Digest: Insights from Our Partner Network

As we prepare to enter the final quarter of 2017, strategy and future planning will take a front seat in multinational organizations. For many, the focus will stay on means of increasing agility to improve performance, particularly as that applies to the continuing trend toward greater automation and a more flexible ... Read More

Robotics and the Future of Global Payroll

On July 11th, I moderated a discussion on payroll automation with CloudPay and ISG. Sign up to view the recording here.  The key payroll objectives of global organizations haven’t changed much in the past few decades: better compliance, consistent performance, reduced costs. The world in which global payroll teams ... Read More

HR Embraces Robotics Process Automation

This article originally appeared on ISG’s Consider the Source blog and is republished here with permission of Information Services Group, Inc.  Despite the race to embrace digital labor, executives still claim human employees as their most prized resource. And HR leaders still must work hard to attract, develop and ... Read More

Big Ideas in HR Tech & Global Payroll: A Q&A With CloudPay's Brian Radin

The following article originally appeared in Delancey Street Partners January 2017 Report: Human Capital Management, Special Payroll Sector Update. There is no better example of a true “HCM curiosity” than the ever nebulous topic of “global payroll.” Many HCM pundits enjoy debating the eventuality versus practical ... Read More

Alexa, what's the status of my payrolls?

I was one of the millions of people worldwide experiencing the delightful, charming and convenient presence of Alexa over the Christmas holidays, The Amazon powered home assistant who will, "perform various tasks for you and control various systems." Alexa comes well educated out of the box and you're able to enable ... Read More

Why the Automation Revolution Has (Finally) Come for Payroll

From check printers to gross-to-net calculators and everything in between, global payroll has always required technology – but that doesn’t make it a particularly tech-enabled area of the enterprise. Whether conducting payroll operations in-house or through a global network of vendor-partners, multinational payroll ... Read More