Shift From Manual To Automation: Payroll In The Post-Viral Era

Times of crisis bring rapid change. And when a crisis is so significant, then the change that follows is likely to be equally far-reaching. Due to the recent enforced changes of the COVID-19 outbreak and anticipated recession, many now believe that automation is set for far greater, widespread adoption, much earlier ... Read More

The Robot Every Payroll Team Needs

As multinational organizations seek increasingly comprehensive solutions for managing the needs of global business, they invariably turn to technology to help them optimize processes and improve outcomes. One of the main areas of development being discussed and debated at the moment is automation, a topic that can ... Read More

Quarterly Digest: Insights from Our Partner Network, June 2019

The second quarter of 2019 included plenty of reflection on the challenges and developments of the past year, and how they have impacted global payroll and human resources teams around the world. From tapping into the power of advanced data analytics to adopting the right technology to managing evolving compliance ... Read More

How to Catch Up in the Robotics Revolution

In 1961, workers in the General Motors plant in West Trenton, New Jersey, stood back and watched as a robotic arm lifted pieces of scalding hot metal from a die casting machine—a modest movement that previously posed a very real health and safety risk to the workers. The machine was called Unimate, built seven years ... Read More

The Trouble with Fragmented Payroll

It’s a long-standing story in the payroll industry that one provider can’t satisfy all the payroll needs of a global company. With all the differing regulations and constantly changing requirements, the story goes, only local or regional providers have the expertise and access needed to properly process payroll across ... Read More

CloudPay’s Automation Roadmap for Optimizing Global Payroll

NelsonHall’s most recent Next Generation Payroll Services market analysis reveals that payroll service buyers are focused on access to transformation-enabling technology. The use of automation has become commonplace, with payroll vendors leveraging RPA, AI, and machine learning capabilities to eliminate manual effort ... Read More

5 Ways Automation Is Changing Payroll

Much has been said of late about automation in payroll—frankly, because there’s a lot to say. The increasing adoption of robotic process automation, or RPA, in global payroll technology and solutions has given rise to some of the most dramatic changes this industry has seen since the advent of the cloud. From time and ... Read More

RPA in Global Payroll - Part 2: The Benefits of Automation in Payroll

  The first blog in this series related to our latest CloudPaper, RPA in Global Payroll, outlined the opportunity for global payroll teams to use Robotic Process Automation or RPA to improve payroll performance. This follow-up explores the key benefits of incorporating automation into your payroll process, including ... Read More

Global Payroll Models: In The Beginning

Technology has a way of injecting a peculiar sense of selective amnesia into culture. For the overwhelming majority of human history, people couldn’t communicate across vast distances. The telephone itself is less than 150 years old. Yet today it’s difficult to imagine not having a phone in your pocket capable of ... Read More