Seize the Data: 5 Ways to Benefit from Payroll Analytics and Big Data

Big data may be nothing new to global businesses today; however, the means for analyzing big data in payroll are relatively recent developments. Just as they have embraced the advantages of technology and automation in HR, finance, and marketing, successful multinationals are now exploring the potential that has laid ... Read More

KPIs that Elevate Payroll Performance

One of the most significant advantages of global payroll automation and system integration is our ability to monitor and measure the performance of those systems and how we use them to improve not just payroll, but overall organizational success. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are the data that drives efficiency ... Read More

Global Payroll Models: The Future Is Unified

In the wake of Y2K, the newly interconnected world began seeking ways to reconcile a reality that was increasingly, permanently, dependent on data with growing fears of that data being compromised. An amazing cycle had begun, in which the use of data resulted in the creation of more data, which contained ever more ... Read More

Improving Team Performance With Payroll Analytics

  Ask a payroll manager how well his or her team is doing, and there’s every chance you’ll get the answer as a percentage. That’s because for many businesses, payment accuracy is the only real measure of the payroll department’s performance. In reality, though, payment accuracy statistics are just the tip of the ... Read More

How Payroll Analytics Can Improve Global Payroll Teams

Unless you’re sending your payrolls out with 100% accuracy, 100% on time, your global payroll performance can always be improved. In fact, even if you are consistently reaching those enviable benchmarks, chances are your payroll performance can still be enhanced. Performance, after all, isn’t solely defined by your ... Read More