Introducing the Payroll Efficiency Index

To develop and maintain a competitive edge in today’s economy, multinational companies must explore every opportunity to improve processes, manage costs, and gain value from even basic tasks. While the global payroll function arrived late to the digital optimization party, we have made impressive advancements not just ... Read More

The Payroll Performance Checklist

Technology is advancing faster than most global organizations can consider their current needs, a reality that carries particular weight when it comes to essential functions like payroll. While the beginning of the millennium saw significant advancements in software solutions for areas like human resources, sales, and ... Read More

December 2018 Digest: Insights from Our Partner Network

This quarter’s partner digest takes a look at the role technology will continue to play in understanding and strategizing global business. From adopting advanced analytics as a must-have means of gaining insight, to elevating the role of the payroll function to influence strategy, and turning to global service ... Read More

The Case for End-to-End Payroll Analytics

Across business functions as varied as marketing, finance, IT, and human resources, companies use sophisticated analytics to conduct end-to-end performance analysis and generate boardroom insights. The exception: the payroll department. As a ‘legacy’ business sector long dominated by outdated solutions and manual ... Read More

Report: Delivering Real-Time Insight for CFOs

Payroll is rarely the first item on the boardroom agenda. As long as employees are being paid the right amount at the right time, the executive focus is almost always elsewhere. However, payroll is not just about people getting paid. The data stored in an organization’s payroll function underpins many standard board ... Read More

Reporting Vs. Analytics in Global Payroll

Because payroll is an essential business function and often an organisation’s largest cost centre, payroll performance reports are a critical resource for business leaders. Providing an overall view of key metrics and how many employees were paid what and when, payroll reporting can be in itself a challenging and ... Read More

How-To: Setting Tolerances for Faster, Better Data Validation

No matter how optimized or standardized a global payroll process is, one step remains highly manual for the majority of multinational organizations: data validation. Payroll professionals routinely spend hours if not days every cycle manually verifying that the payroll data contained in Excel templates is accurate and ... Read More

Video How-To: Do More with Your Gross-to-Net Data

One of the primary benefits of using a centralized global payroll solution is the ability to take a holistic view of your payroll data and performance. For dynamic multinational organizations, the potential to see up-to-the-minute costs, payments, deductions, and more across a single country or the global enterprise, ... Read More

Video How-To: Benchmarking Your Payroll Performance

As technology advances the possibilities for multinational organizations to leverage and learn from their payroll data, analytics tools are becoming indispensable elements of global payroll solutions. Benchmarking your payroll performance against that of similar organizations is key to fully understanding the ... Read More

Prioritizing Data Visibility in a Security-Focused World

Compliance, performance, efficiency—it can be tough to prioritize goals within a global data management strategy. Depending on your yearly objectives, regulatory demands, and market opportunities, data quality and security can seem more urgent, complicated, or beneficial in widely varying ways. Continually developing ... Read More