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Patersons' Platform Renamed "CloudPay"

Oct 18, 2011 

Platform Release Enhances Contingent Workforce Payroll and Backdated Payroll Capability

RALEIGH, N.C. and SALISBURY, U.K. (18 October 2011)Patersons, the leading provider of integrated global payroll services delivering expert solutions to customers in more than 160 countries, today announced its latest update to its flagship solution, CloudPay (formerly known as Logon2). This is one of three annual product upgrades.

A leader in cloud-based global payroll delivery, Patersons’ CloudPay rebranding reflects the company’s commitment to deliver solutions that help facilitate compliance, are scalable as businesses expand and pay employees accurately and on time via SaaS delivery. The fall (autumn) release of CloudPay delivers value to Patersons’ customers by offering benefits and advantages that improve the overall user experience and accurately pay employees on time.

Patersons’ customers run the same version of CloudPay on a multi-tenant basis. Patersons’ cloud technology platform means any updates to incorporate statutory changes are often developed in advance, but can be activated when they become statutory requirements within a particular country by using effective dates.

New features in this release include:

Global Payroll

Contingent Workforce Payroll. CloudPay now enables payroll processing for employees without fixed work schedules such as independent contractors, free agents and contingent workers. CloudPay capability has been extended and added across a range of areas:

  • Flexible Working Patterns: Authorized users are able to create flexible working pattern types and enter zero default hours per day. The company contracted default weekly hours, which are auto-calculated by multiplying the default hours per day by the number of working days, display zero accordingly. Authorized users can enter the employee’s ad-hoc working hours manually by using the Input Batch Data function or by using the Data Upload function in CloudPay Document Manager.
  • Cost Center Splitting for Time-Based Employees: The Cost Center Splitting capability now contains an additional option for Timesheet Employees by selecting the Split by Time Worked from the available options. The calculated pay elements are split according to the cost centre assigned.
  • Leave / Holiday Entitlements for Timesheet-Based Employees: A new Periodic Scheme type is now available for customers to set up leave or holiday accrual schemes based on an employee’s timesheet or working pattern. If the leave entitlement is to be calculated based on the employee’s timesheet, then the authorized user must select the appropriate Entitlement Unit Value on how they want to accrue the entitlement whether it is percentage of time worked, days or hours. Patersons CloudPay now calculates Holiday Accrual in real-time, and can process Total Available Accrued to Date, Taken to Date and Remaining Entitlements for employees on both fixed and accrual type schemes based on the employee’s start date until the current date.

Backdated Payroll. Backdated Payroll changes are displayed through the CloudPay Global Payroll Engine. CloudPay allows changes in salary to be backdated and the payroll will automatically calculate the adjustments to salary due to the employee. CloudPay can also be configured to bring forward any adjustments to other items on the payroll affected by the change in salary, such as items reliant on an employee’s daily or hourly rate such as overtime or absence adjustments. CloudPay can be configured so that backdated adjustments are posted under separate pay codes, should they be required, to display distinctively on the Gross to Net and Payslips. The Backdated Payroll feature impacts the following customer-relevant areas:

  • Changes to Gross to Net Reporting. Any backdated payments will appear as a separate pay element on the Gross to Net Report and each pay element will be sub totaled by cost centres.
  • Changes to Payslip. Any backdated payments will appear as a separate element on the payslip.

“Patersons’ CloudPay product development is driven by feedback from our customers and enabled by flexibility of our core technology” said Andrew Pearson, Patersons CEO. “Being intensely focused on global payroll gives us the ability to continually make significant enhancements to our product without distraction.”

He continued, “We have extensive plans in place to further expand our multi-country payroll capability, add more payroll functionality, facilitate deeper integration with customer and partner systems and strengthen the platform so we can further open up our cloud platform to our customers and partners.”

About Patersons

Patersons is the leading provider of integrated global payroll services, delivering expert solutions to customers in more than 160 countries. Patersons integrates the capabilities of payroll engines, payroll partners, workflow, and managed services in a secure and compliant service that is delivered using an on-demand, SaaS-based business model. This allows organizations to consolidate and control their multi-national payroll operations on one technology platform. The results are streamlined processes, better visibility, increased compliance and reduced costs. For more information about Patersons, please visit

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