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Patersons Expands Alliance with IBM Cognos

Sep 2, 2008 

Patersons HR and Payroll Solutions Delivers Data to the Desktop with IBM Cognos Alliance

-Relationship between Leading Global HR and Payroll Provider and Leading Business Intelligence Vendor Expands to Include Use of Latest Version-

RALEIGH, N.C. and LONDON (26 August 2008) – Patersons HR and Payroll Solutions, a leading global HR and payroll software and services business delivering expert solutions to clients in more than 160 countries, today announced its expanded relationship with IBM Cognos. Under the terms of the redefined alliance, Patersons HR and Payroll Solutions is delivering IBM Cognos 8 seamlessly to its clients. The integration with Patersons HR and Payroll Solutions brings HR and Payroll data to the desktop, enabling HR professionals to conduct “what if” scenarios and make fact-based decisions using both HR and payroll data.

IBM Cognos 8 Business Intelligence delivers the complete range of business intelligence capabilities on a single, service-oriented architecture (SOA). Users can author, share, and use reports that draw on data across all enterprise sources for better business decisions. The IBM Cognos 8 platform delivers consistent information in terms that business users understand through a common business model, multidimensional PowerCube creation, the ability to publish sections of a user’s model to different user communities and improved data security.

Patersons HR and Payroll Solutions and Cognos have worked together since 2001. The latest version of IBM Cognos, known as IBM Cognos 8, is now accessible to Patersons’ clients through the Patersons’ secure on-demand solution known as CloudPay. By combining the power of IBM Cognos 8 with the global breadth of Patersons’ CloudPay, the basis of an unparalleled HR/Payroll business reporting capability is formed. Reports can be created ad hoc or users can select from a wide range of pre-defined reports.

Additionally, there are standard Patersons’ “data cubes” within IBM Cognos 8 that are built from the existing fields in the Patersons CloudPay database. These data cubes can be deployed very quickly and enable analysis across multiple parameters with the ability to “drill into” reports for more details. It is now genuinely possible for the HR function to deliver metrics and scorecards that demonstrate the contribution that people make to the organization. Furthermore, because the reporting automatically accesses both HR and Payroll data, all HR metrics can be put in the context of their full cost to the business. This gives HR the ability to confidently move into the commercial and strategic arena, and is a tangible step towards the transformation of HR away from its old- fashioned “administrative” roots. The advanced features within both Patersons’ CloudPay and IBM’s Cognos 8 enable report users to easily and flexibly transform their HR and Payroll data into meaningful business information without the time and cost of developing additional bespoke reports. Patersons HR and Payroll Solutions’ portal and IBM Cognos 8 are also tightly integrated in Microsoft Office, which means users can accomplish their complex reporting requirements without having to learn new products.

Martin Stockton, Group Vice President - Business Development, commented, “Many of our clients are continually looking for better ways of accessing and analyzing their HR and Payroll data in order to support their business decisions. Now, because the full details of payroll are available through the same reporting channel as HR, HR data can be made more commercially focused than ever before. By using IBM Cognos 8 to drill into the vast store of global HR and Payroll data available from Patersons’ CloudPay solution, HR can gain access to valuable information, such as forecasting the cost impact of moving operations from one country to another by analyzing the full cost of employment, absence rates and labor turnover.”

He continued, “As a leading Business Analytics tool, Cognos 8 provides Patersons customers with an integrated reporting application that will draw upon the power of our CloudPay HR and Payroll data to produce true business metrics reporting. The data cubes provided by Patersons can be deployed with a suite of ready built reports covering all aspects of HR and Payroll data, together with customer specific requirements. As a hosted software on demand solution, both CloudPay and Cognos 8 can be deployed quickly, cost effectively and backed by Patersons’ Global support infrastructure."

Since IBM Cognos 8 is integrated with Patersons HR and Payroll Solutions’ CloudPay product, it is delivered via Patersons’ software-as-a-service delivery model. Using SaaS means Patersons’ customers do not have to invest in dedicated hardware and can access the applications as needed under a subscription model. Additionally, working with Patersons HR and Payroll Solutions delivers a safe, secure computing environment with full failover protection.

Karen Paterson, CEO of Patersons HR and Payroll Solutions, commented, “Payroll and HR decisions need to be based on quality data and examined in a meaningful context. IBM Cognos is one of the leaders in business intelligence and we’ve chosen to align ourselves with them to ensure that our clients are receiving the industry’s most robust and proven reporting tools. Unlike typical off the shelf applications, the Patersons solution is uniquely positioned to deliver the elusive strategic reporting that HR and Payroll departments have been searching for.”

About Patersons HR and Payroll

Headquartered in Salisbury, U.K. with offices in the U.S., central Europe and Asia, Patersons HR and Payroll is a leading global HR and payroll software and services business delivering expert solutions to clients in more than 160 countries. The Company’s secure Internet-based software as a service is multi-currency and multi-lingual (covering over 30 languages), features an easy-to-use interface, supports fast implementation times and facilitates integration with existing systems. Patersons HR and Payroll differentiates itself by; one contract, one software solution, one enterprise interface and one cohesive system approach. More information and contact details can be accessed at

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