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CloudPay Launches CloudPay Control, a Pioneering Approach to Manage Complex Global Payroll and Payments Processes

Nov 3, 2014  | Topic:

-Company’s Latest Innovation Helps Multi-national Organizations Overcome Complexities and Gain Control Over Global Payroll Management and Delivery –

RALEIGH, N.C. AND LONDON, U.K (November 3, 2014) - CloudPay, the world’s only cloud-based platform for integrated global payroll and payments, today announced the launch of CloudPay Control, its modern and automated approach to managing and controlling the complex processes associated with global payroll and payments delivery.

In today’s business environment, global payroll is a vast and expansive landscape that involves a multitude of relationships and interactions between people, departments, organizations and systems and layered with customer-, country- and payroll-specific requirements and tasks, best practice processes and constant change.

CloudPay Control encapsulates all steps of multi-country payroll workflow by automatically combining the global-, country- and customer-specific tasks of an individual payroll run into a cloud-based workflow process. CloudPay Control integrates information and decisions from CloudPay Payroll and the CloudPay managed services teams and leverages a “layered” approach allowing the sharing and inheritance of workflows. The modern CloudPay Control approach improves all aspects of payroll management and delivery and provides the following benefits:

  • Control: All required tasks are completed at the right time, by the right person in a fully automated and audited cloud-based mediated process, for every payroll.
  • Exceptions & Issues: Exceptions and issues are recorded, tracked and resolved efficiently, using quality tracking that obtains key data about the problems and integrates them to dialogue and conversations.
  • Agility: A unique ‘layered’ approach with flexibility to amend processes at each layer (global, country and entity layers) quickly, meaning CloudPay’s clients benefit from regularly reviewed and updated processes.
  • Visibility: An unrivalled level of visibility for all activities of a payroll run with the ability to view process-maps by layer, completed tasks and tasks due, as well as real-time detailed process information for every single payroll, including comprehensive information on payroll processes and performance across all countries in a single integrated report for clients – an industry first.
  • Intelligence & Action: Automatically gathering detailed data about exceptions, calendar events and payroll accuracy throughout each payroll run, which enables CloudPay and its customers to analyze complete payroll and payments process performance.

“Legacy payroll vendors still rely on checklists and peer-based cross-checking of manual process steps,” said Andrew Pearson, CloudPay CEO. “There is a better way, and CloudPay Control delivers on the promise that a cloud-based, standardized approach to the control of payroll and payments processes offers. CloudPay’s integrated platform for global payroll and payments processing, built from the ground up for the cloud, is the foundation for the groundbreaking CloudPay Control capability, which steps our industry forward into the 21st century.”

About CloudPay

CloudPay is the world’s only cloud-based platform for integrated global payroll and payments processing, collaboration and delivery. We believe that collaboration and integration are the only ways to address the complex and valuable challenge of how to manage global payroll and payments. We’re creating market leading technology and using payroll expertise and knowledge to revolutionize payroll and payments for multi-national organizations. CloudPay enables multi-national organizations to improve business performance through greater fiscal control, see people costs through enhanced visibility, assure local and global compliance, and reduce payroll and payment operational costs. For more information about CloudPay, please visit or visit us on Twitter @_CloudPay.

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