How to Evaluate Payroll Software for Multiple Countries

If your business operates in multiple countries, you’ll know that payroll processing can be extremely complex. Every country has its own set of rules and regulations, and so the procedures you use for a workforce in one country may not be suitable for employees in another. The importance of getting this right in every ... Read More

Integrating Global Payroll with SAP SuccessFactors

Deploying a global payroll system is a major undertaking for any business. With so many employees and departments to incorporate, and so much data to handle, any elements that can be integrated with other systems have the potential to generate efficiencies. Human resources is a vital area for integration with payroll, ... Read More

Five Ways to Make Your Global Payroll More Resilient

One of the key elements of a great payroll operation is reliability. In normal circumstances, the work of a payroll team goes largely unnoticed, as long as employees and executives are paid accurately and on-time. But the last few months have fundamentally threatened this rudimentary, yet vital process like never ... Read More