Making Sure Your Payroll Needs Survive the Procurement Process

Many global organizations hire suppliers and make strategic sourcing decisions based solely on capabilities and cost. But is there more? Research and experience tells us the answer to that question is a resounding yes.  “If you’re going to work with a strategic supplier to fill gaps in capabilities, skills are ... Read More

Five Ways Benchmarking Enables Better Decisions

In recent years, multinational companies have begun to give greater consideration to the value of global payroll data as a source of insight and information about their workforce. Not only is payroll typically the most regular, consistent touchpoint with employees across an organization, but it also manages the most ... Read More

Country Payroll Spotlight: 7 Key Facts about Payroll in Brazil

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Why We Measure Issues per 1,000 Payslips

It’s been three months since we launched the Payroll Efficiency Index, the revolutionary approach to global payroll analytics that is changing how multinationals think about payroll. Available exclusively from CloudPay, the PEI leverages anonymized payroll data from more than 2,500 global entities to analyze process ... Read More

How the Way We Pay Is Changing

It’s a startling understatement to say the needs of today’s global workforce have changed from traditional established norms. Yet, many key aspects of business are only beginning to adjust to the still evolving pressures and expectations that are shaping the modern working world.  As debate swirls around headline ... Read More

How Multi-Country Payroll Is Meeting Small Business Needs

One of the many challenges facing smaller and mid-sized companies as they prepare to expand into a new country is determining whether their core business systems are up to the task. Although the choice to expand may be straightforward, ensuring your team is ready and able to meet regulations around employment, ... Read More

How Payroll Can Support a Dynamic Workplace Culture

As the look and expectations of the globalized workforce continue to evolve, greater emphasis is being placed on workplace culture, what it means, and how it can support employees regardless of location. Beyond factors like company values or office environments, more organizations are looking at how the business ... Read More

How to Conquer the 5 Most Common Payroll Challenges

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Quarterly Digest: Insights from Our Partner Network, June 2019

The second quarter of 2019 included plenty of reflection on the challenges and developments of the past year, and how they have impacted global payroll and human resources teams around the world. From tapping into the power of advanced data analytics to adopting the right technology to managing evolving compliance ... Read More