Why Size Doesn't Equal Security in Global Payroll

“Nobody ever got fired for hiring IBM.” It’s a saying that’s been used in business for more than 20 years, and to some degree, it still reverberates today. Used to justify the decision to choose one technology vendor over another, it’s a vote for the ‘safe bet.’ The understanding is that by choosing the biggest player ... Read More

What CCPA and LGPD Mean for Global Payroll Teams

From redefining personal data to legislating responsibility for it, recent data protection regulations have transformed the way multinational companies manage and process data. GDPR may have been the first sweeping regulation, but it is certainly not the final word, as additional countries and jurisdictions continue ... Read More

Understanding the Risks of Non-Compliance in Global Payroll

When it comes to successful global payroll delivery today, the primary concerns of payroll leaders within multinational organizations extend beyond accuracy and timeliness. The moving target that is statutory compliance at local and regional levels is just as important and is playing a significant role in shaping the ... Read More

The Payroll Professional’s Year-End Checklist

Christmas is upon us once more - and while it’s known as the season of goodwill to all, there’s plenty of payroll professionals who will be glad when it’s all over. With year-end looming, many payroll teams across the world will be working right through the festive season just to get payroll wrapped up. If this ... Read More

Demystifying Integration in Global Payroll

The ability of global payroll to support and even further the goals of multinational organizations depends largely on the people processing payslip data and the technology they use every day. Increasingly, that technology is transforming the way we work, enabling more accurate processing in less time, which translates ... Read More

What Year-End Payroll Looks Like Around the World

Even with recent advancements in processing technology, data integration, real-time reporting, and more, payroll teams across the globe share an uneasy anticipation of the year’s end. For teams responsible for payroll in multiple countries, that uneasiness grows with each year-end report, bonus run, and account ... Read More

Three Models of Global Payroll

Expanding a business across international borders involves addressing a long list of considerations — and the question of how to pay a global workforce should be near the top. Three different models of global payroll have developed over the years, and while each one is workable, they definitely are not equal. ... Read More

Lessons in Digital Transformation - from the Payday Podcast

Digital transformation projects are among the most challenging initiatives an organization can ever face — especially when that project is being rolled out on a global scale. Many such projects fail to launch, and many more fail to deliver on their promises. But when executed successfully, they can change the game for ... Read More

Key Stakeholders In Global Payroll Part 2: Stakeholders Explained

The successful implementation of global payroll often hinges on the strategic engagement of a wide array of stakeholders. In part one of this two-part blog, we looked at how to identify and ‘map’ these stakeholders according to their interest and influence - a fundamental starting point for the creation of that ... Read More

Key Stakeholders In Global Payroll Part 1: Stakeholder Mapping

There can be few internal business projects that truly impact every employee in an organization - but the roll-out of a global payroll solution is one. The successful implementation of global payroll typically depends on your ability to manage the people side of the process as much as the technical side, requiring ... Read More