Getting the Most from Your Payroll-HR Workflow

The successful management of a global workforce relies on fluid, organized interaction between human resources and payroll. But what happens when payroll-HR workflows break down? At a minimum, necessary steps to correct issues will cost the company in time, money, and employee satisfaction. In worst-case scenarios, ... Read More

Why Your Payroll Provider Matters

For a function so integral to the success of any organization, payroll doesn't get a lot of attention outside of the people who run it. Yet, everyone at a company relies on it, it's typically the largest cost center, and it tends to be responsible for more up-to-date, company-specific data than any other department.  ... Read More

The Cost-Saving Side of Payroll Integration

When it comes to selecting and optimizing technology solutions for core business operations, decision-makers often struggle to weigh organizational needs and goals against the cost of modern systems. It’s a balancing act: the business needs a better solution, but it also needs to manage costs. Unfortunately, the ... Read More

What Payslips Look Like Around the World

Probably the most eagerly awaited document in any company, the payslip can be a herald of good tidings like a pay increase, a required income certificate that unlocks other goodies such as government benefits or access to credit, or simply a comforting reminder that the employer has upheld their side of the employment ... Read More

5 Ways to Influence Decisions for Global Payroll

Following on the heels of significant technology advancements that have changed the way organizations think of everything from marketing to human resources, it is now payroll’s time to transform from back office necessity to strategic contributor. And just as the systems companies use to manage those other key ... Read More

3 Steps to a Smarter Global Payroll Compliance Strategy

Processing global payroll has always been a complex endeavor. Varying tax systems, employment laws, and statutory requirements mean every payroll is different, sometimes dramatically so. In recent years, the changing nature of the global workforce and the expansion of data protection regulations have compounded that ... Read More

The Robot Every Payroll Team Needs

As multinational organizations seek increasingly comprehensive solutions for managing the needs of global business, they invariably turn to technology to help them optimize processes and improve outcomes. One of the main areas of development being discussed and debated at the moment is automation, a topic that can ... Read More

Country Payroll Spotlight: 7 Key Facts about Payroll in China

As part of our continuing effort to help payroll professionals everywhere address the complexity of global payroll, we’ve asked our internal experts about the unique challenges and requirements of processing payroll in some key countries. In this spotlight, we focus on the People’s Republic of China, with its enormous ... Read More

What Payroll Looks Like in the ‘Best Countries for Business’

Since 2007 the industry-leading business magazine Forbes has ranked the world’s largest economies in order of business friendliness. The annual report draws on data available from multiple renowned sources to evaluate 161 countries according to 15 different factors ranging from taxes and technology to personal ... Read More

Closing the Skills Gap With Smarter Payroll Data

In its annual global survey of CEOs, Ernst & Young repeatedly identifies human capital management as the single greatest challenge for long-term business growth. Payroll spending remains the biggest controllable cost facing most companies, yet few take advantage of payroll data analysis to ensure the investments they ... Read More

How Calendar Length Can Impact Payroll Efficiency

Earlier this year we launched the Payroll Efficiency Index, the industry-shaping report that has reimagined what we can learn about processing payroll. The PEI analyzes anonymized payroll processing data from more than 2,500 global entities on the CloudPay platform to gain insights into process efficiency and set ... Read More