The Pandemic and Its Impact on Global Mobility

In the pre-pandemic world, cross-border business travel was very much an everyday norm. Despite the specter of Brexit and other similar localized political issues, freedom of movement remained at a high, with sizable global opportunities both for workers and their organizations. Since the pandemic started to emerge in ... Read More

New Risks to Global Payroll Compliance and Security

Global payroll teams have needed to adapt quickly in the last few months to ensure the continuity of one of the most critical transactions a business can perform - paying its people. Given the criticality of the payroll process, it’s easy to see why many organizations have taken steps to relax standard operating ... Read More

Shift From Manual To Automation: Payroll In The Post-Viral Era

Times of crisis bring rapid change. And when a crisis is so significant, then the change that follows is likely to be equally far-reaching. Due to the recent enforced changes of the COVID-19 outbreak and anticipated recession, many now believe that automation is set for far greater, widespread adoption, much earlier ... Read More

Is Remote Payroll Management Now The New Standard?

Running a payroll function, especially a global one, has never been straightforward - but most practitioners would agree that the recent pandemic has added considerably to the task. Not only have global payroll teams had to grapple with fast-moving legislative changes around the world, such as in-country furlough and ... Read More