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CloudPay to Spotlight Link Between Payroll & HR Tech at CIPP Conference

Sep 13, 2019  | Topic:

NEW YORK and LONDON, Sept. 12, 2019

WHO: Leading multinational payroll provider CloudPay

WHAT: Will present “Integrated payroll and HR - how technology can link the future of payroll and HR” during the CIPP Annual Conference and Exhibition.

WHEN: October 2-3, 2019CloudPay is scheduled to speak on Thursday, October 3 at 10:50 a.m. BST.

WHERE: The Celtic Manor ResortColdra Woods, The Usk Valley, CaerleonNewport NP18 1GQ, U.K.CloudPay will exhibit at Stand No. 26.


In the future of work, automation technology will play a significant role in payroll and HR, giving companies the tools needed to benchmark performance and manage resources in a data-driven way.

During the CIPP Annual Conference and Exhibition, John Pearce, senior vice president, payroll and payments for CloudPay, will share how one company improved the link between their payroll and HR teams using robotic process automation and global shared service centers. Pearce will examine the application of this technology and explain how automation enables an integrated approach that drives performance while elevating the role of both functions. 

Also a sponsor, CloudPay will present the award for “Software Product of the Year” during the CIPP Annual Excellence Awards on October 3, and exhibit at Stand No. 26 throughout the conference. For additional details and registration information, visit

About CloudPay

CloudPay provides managed global payroll services to multinational organizations through a single, unified SaaS solution. By delivering end-to-end managed payroll services through an innovative platform, CloudPay ensures consistent and compliant payroll around the globe while reducing operating costs and minimizing manual processes. The CloudPay solution is backed by deep industry expertise earned over twenty-plus years delivering services to over 2,500 multinational entities. CloudPay’s solution guarantees accurate payroll processing across 130+ countries in more than twenty-five languages. 

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