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CloudPay Expands Treasury Services

Sep 30, 2019  | Topic:

Global Payroll Leader Provides Treasury Services across More than 130 Countries and 168 Currencies, Allowing Multinationals Complete Control over End-To-End Payroll and Payments

NEW YORK and LONDON (September 30, 2019) -Leading multinational payroll provider CloudPay today announced the availability of its enhanced Treasury Services offering. Recognizing that end-to-end delivery of global payroll includes both payroll results and payment services, CloudPay now unifies these interdependent operations and improves accuracy, helping customers make net salary as well as statutory and third-party payments in all of the countries where CloudPay manages payroll.

CloudPay CEO Paul Bartlett shared, “Though multinational companies are moving to integrate essential business functions, important aspects often go overlooked. Despite the link between payroll and treasury, many organizations keep these separate, even relying on different vendors to handle each task. This approach creates added complexity and opens employers up to unnecessary risk. CloudPay’s Treasury Services work to close the gap and relieve this undue burden, combining technology and expertise across countries and currencies.”

CloudPay’s Treasury Services support payments in over 168 currencies, beneficiary management, rejection and return management along with monitoring, all built for the needs of today’s global employee populations. The breadth of service far exceeds other solutions, which have limited transparency, high FX costs, are more fragmentary and limited in currency options. With this offering, CloudPay continues to fulfill its mission of providing fully auditable and unified global payroll and payment services, moving beyond its competitors to offer consistent and compliant treasury services to customers of all sizes.

Bartlett continued, "This is an exciting new chapter for CloudPay. We’re providing central sources of contact with dedicated support teams for each customer using our Treasury Services. We manage everything from salary to pension, payroll to payments, wherever our clients conduct business. Already, more than 50 percent of our customers are taking advantage of our treasury services, and we can’t wait to expand it to new customers with added automation, capabilities and controls.”

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About CloudPay

CloudPay provides managed global payroll services to multinational organizations through a single, unified SaaS solution. By delivering end-to-end managed payroll services through an innovative platform, CloudPay ensures consistent and compliant payroll around the globe while reducing operating costs and minimizing manual processes. The CloudPay solution is backed by deep industry expertise earned over twenty-plus years delivering services to over 2,500 multinational entities. CloudPay’s solution guarantees accurate payroll processing across 130+ countries in more than twenty-five languages. 

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