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CloudPay and Visa Win At Inaugural Global Payroll Awards

Jul 13, 2016 

Leading Global Payroll Provider and its Customer Are Honored for Successful Implementation and Transformation of Payroll Delivery Across Global Footprint

New York (July 13, 2016) – CloudPay and Visa Europe landed the prestigious award for Global Payroll Transformation Project of the Year at this year’s Global Payroll Awards in London. The awards committee evaluated return-on-investment, timeliness, accuracy of payroll delivery, project leadership and the impact on the overall organization, before recognizing Visa Europe and CloudPay for successfully transforming global payroll through the CloudPay’s Global Payroll Platform. 

Visa Europe’s and CloudPay’s global payroll implementation project delivered an integrated HR and payroll solution via CloudPay’s certified integration with Visa Europe’s HCM platform. This centralized data entry improved the integrity of employee and pay data. Through CloudPay's platform, payroll data for all European jurisdictions is authorized and validated online and automatically processed with minimal manual intervention and with a full audit trail.

“We were thrilled to bring our global payroll platform and managed services to Visa Europe, and help them elevate payroll into a strategic function,” said Paul Bartlett, CEO of CloudPay. “Visa Europe demonstrated a great understanding of general payroll requirements, and that allowed us to eliminate most manual processes and hand-offs across HR and payroll, and provide a new level of corporate oversight and visibility into global payroll processing and compliance.”

The project delivered significant improvements across both HR and Payroll and transformed electronic payment processes across 27 countries. With CloudPay’s global payroll implementation, Visa Europe achieved the distinction of being the first company in Europe, and one of the first global leaders, to successfully deliver and deploy the certified payslips interface on their HCM platform for multiple countries.

“With CloudPay we introduced an automated and efficient end-to-end process from information upload through to employee pay with few manual interventions,” said Derek Moore, European Payroll Manager at Visa Europe. “This process is less error prone, fully auditable and most importantly accurate.”

About CloudPay

CloudPay is the next generation payroll solution for multinational businesses with complex global payroll requirements. CloudPay is the world’s only cloud-based platform for integrated global payroll, analytics and payments processing and delivery. CloudPay's solution ensures that employees get accurate and timely payments while centralizing all payroll data to allow organizations to improve the performance of their global operations. With CloudPay's unique analytical toolset, companies can turn their payroll data into meaningful business insights. 

About Visa Europe

Visa Europe (VE) is a payments technology business owned and operated by member banks and payment service providers from 37 countries across Europe. VE functions at the forefront of technology to create the services and infrastructure to enable millions of European consumers, businesses and governments to make electronic payments. Since winning the award, Visa Europe has been acquired by Visa Inc. and now forms part of Visa’s global company. 


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