Payroll Efficiency Index

A new way of understanding global payroll processing and efficiency around the world, enabled by data from 2,500+ multinational entities that use CloudPay as their payroll provider

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PEI Squares - Europe

Analysis of Payroll KPIs Across countries in EMEA


PEI Squares - Americas

Analysis of KPIs for Countries in Americas

Coming in Q3 2020

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Analysis of KPIs for Countries in Asia

Coming in Q2 2020


The Payroll Efficiency Index analyzes five core performance metrics to provide a comprehensive view into the global payroll process for multinational organizations. It includes information on how the data was collected, why it is important for organizations to collect, and provides benchmarks for each KPI across 130+ countries. 


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First-Time Approvals

Percentage of gross-to-net calculations approved upon initial review

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Data Input Issues

Percentage of errors caused by input of incorrect or incomplete employee payroll data

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Issues Per 1K Payslips

Issues identified in data input, data output, and new data for every 1,000 payslips processed

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Payroll Calendar Length

Number of days required to complete payroll processing from lock to approval

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Supplemental Impact

Percentage of payroll runs completed as supplemental runs, instead of main runs.

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Based on anonymized data from more than 2,500 global entities, this report provides multi-national companies with powerful data to benchmark and improve payroll processes across 130+ countries.