Harness global payroll data to predict and proactively resolve payroll issues



Use comprehensive global reporting & boardroom analytics to improve performance & align global payroll with your business objectives.

Sophisticated multinational companies use analytics to power decision-making across almost every area of the enterprise. Global payroll should be no exception.

Managing global payroll effectively requires real-time intelligence on what’s happening across the entire payroll function. But when organizations rely solely on exception reports and monthly reviews, critical business questions can go unanswered and opportunities for in-process improvement can be lost.

That’s why global companies use CloudPay Analytics for accurate, real-time payroll reports and insights.

CloudPay Analytics combines advanced business intelligence technology with standardized data and streamlined integration to deliver complete transparency into payroll.

With a dashboard view of the global payroll function, organizations can monitor KPIs, assess trends, benchmark their performance, and drive broad and granular process improvements.

By analyzing data within CloudPay Payroll and linking it with data from third-party HCM and ERP systems, CloudPay Analytics delivers a single version of the truth for payroll across the entire enterprise.


Analytics - Payroll Processing Dashboard
  • Increase efficiency: Eliminate the time and effort spent on data collection and management. Drive organizational improvement with a dashboard view of productivity and performance insights.
  • Automate reporting: Create reports automatically to simplify KPI monitoring and benchmarking. Streamline post-process audits and filter the data to address problems at their root cause.
  • Reduce costs: Understand and manage your global payroll expenses in a more holistic way. Uncover hidden costs by breaking down spending across categories and geographies.
  • Improve decision-making: Use accurate payroll data to support enterprise growth or expansion. Elevate Payroll’s strategic importance by delivering personalized, role-relevant data to senior leaders.


Collect & store all payroll data in one global application to achieve stronger data integrity & accurate, real-time analysis.

Decentralized payroll is characterized by siloed, non-standardized processes running on disparate systems containing inconsistent data in a variety of formats. Bringing this data together requires significant manual effort and results in static information that quickly becomes out-of-date.

A key starting point for building a more efficient, centralized global payroll function is the collection, normalization, and preparation of your data within a single data warehouse. By tracking all of your data in the cloud, CloudPay eliminates all the hard work around global payroll data  streamlining and simplifying data collection and storage.

CloudPay acts as a centralized repository for accurate, real-time payroll data. Our software tracks and records customers’ end-to-end payroll information in a unified solution and processes it according to a global set of data standards, resulting in more consistent, higher quality data for ongoing analysis.

CloudPay Analytics gives organizations access to integrated payroll data across their entire global footprint, reduces your reliance on in-country payroll systems and specialists, and protects your business against the risks and hidden costs of maintaining multiple payroll databases.



Automate report creation to share timely, accurate intelligence without manual effort. Use custom visualizations to understand your data in context.

As a company’s global enterprise expands, its payroll reporting efforts often become more onerous, complex, and time-consuming.

Data requests may be sent to dozens of in-country managers, and pulled from disparate solutions – leading to reporting delays, data inconsistencies, and an organization-wide reliance on static, outdated information.

With CloudPay Analytics, multinational companies automate the creation of legal reports, financial reports, SLA reports, performance updates, salary and bonus reports, and more.

CloudPay also turns broad sets of payroll data into attractive visualizations and engaging dashboards that are easy to view, share, and analyze. Translate key figures and KPIs into a compelling visual language everyone can understand.

Report payroll intelligence at any level of the operation – local, country-specific, regional, or global – then drill deep into the data to deliver highly targeted, tailored insights to the senior stakeholders who need them. CloudPay Analytics comes with dozens of pre-built reports that are built on years of industry expertise and analysis.

Payroll Analytics Examples


Monitor the right metrics with our advanced analytics toolset. Analyze global performance or delve deep into your data for granular intelligence.

With CloudPay Analytics, you’re afforded the invaluable insights and significant overhead reductions that can be achieved through automated global reporting. You’ll be able to create the reports you need, then schedule them to run on autopilot.

From there, use CloudPay Analytics to increase accountability on payroll performance. With diagnostic data on every single payroll run, in every single location you operate, you can understand why errors happen and where corrective efforts are needed.

Not all analytics solutions are made equal and many are not designed for growth. But CloudPay Analytics continues to expand its suite of predictive analytics to provide the underlying information required to improve effectiveness, reduce inefficiency and ensure continuous compliance.


Run single country payroll reports, country-specific legal reports and standard finance reports for any or all of your territories from one single reporting tool.

Delve into your operational data with Service Level Agreement (SLA) reports, looking at the accuracy and timeliness of payroll payments, along with other key metrics that can help inform improvements in your payroll processes.

Slice your data further to uncover new insights. Compare staffing costs country-by-country, assess specific role salaries against revenue, evaluate historical labor trends, and perform other advanced analyses with the click of a button.

CloudPay Analytics makes integration with other business systems simple, so there is also an opportunity for even greater visibility of your global workforce performance.

payroll summary dashboard


Capture unique information about process, productivity, and costs, then benchmark your performance against like-size organizations.


To lower costs and earn ongoing value from their global payroll solution, organizations need to invest in monitoring and improving payroll efficiency and accuracy over time.

To achieve that, organizations need to understand how well their payroll operation functions compared to other, similarly sized companies.

CloudPay gives multinational organizations the tools to easily conduct payroll benchmarking and make targeted improvements based on anonymized performance data.

Because we capture so much information on payroll processes, productivity, and costs across our base of multinational customers, we can provide organizations with unparalleled context for their payroll KPIs.

Use CloudPay Analytics to understand payroll performance at a global level, ensure you’re investing in continuous process improvement, and then compare your performance to that of like-sized organizations in specific regions or across your entire footprint.


Evolution of Payroll Analytics

"We use CloudPay to run payroll in over 42 countries - it is truly the first system our team enjoys using, and everyone in the organization can trust."
- Global Head of Payroll at GROUPON


Whether you manage payroll in five countries or 50, you need global access to data to ensure compliance beyond borders and get the analytics and insights that will move your company forward.