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Payday - Global Payroll Podcast

The Payday podcast focuses exclusively on the unique challenges and strategic opportunities facing global payroll teams. Hear from industry insiders and leading analysts about the latest payroll issues and what’s being done to ensure Payroll, HR and Finance leaders are equipped and ready to meet the international payroll needs of today's dynamic workforce.

About Cloudpay

CloudPay provides managed global payroll services to multinational organizations through a single, unified SaaS solution across 130+ countries. The CloudPay solution is backed by deep industry expertise earned over twenty-plus years delivering services to over 2,500 multinational entities.

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About Host

David Barak is the SVP of Strategic Alliances & Marketing at CloudPay, responsible for HCM partnerships and integrations, communications, digital marketing and product marketing. He lives and works out of New York City.

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global payroll RFP template

Create a Successful RFP

Moving from a decentralized model to a unified global payroll solution involves multiple steps—including the tried-and-true yet always challenging Request For Proposal, or RFP. Rather than recycling an outdated RFP or adapting another department’s, try this easy-to-use template designed specifically to help multinational companies develop a clear and effective strategy for evaluating payroll solutions and selecting the one that’s right for them.

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Global payroll assessment

Assess Your Payroll

Five minutes is all it takes to gain a better understanding of the efficacy of your global payroll process. Designed in partnership by NelsonHall and CloudPay, this free interactive assessment leverages decades of experience and data around the common costs and challenges involved in managing global payroll to help you evaluate the maturity of your payroll function and highlight opportunities to improve its performance.

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Building a business case for international payroll

Build a Better Business Case

Multinational payroll and HR teams increasingly recognize the value of a unified approach to global payroll. Senior leadership and executives who are removed from the day-to-day payroll function, on the other hand, can be harder to convince. This paper explains how to get buy-in from higher-ups by outlining the true costs of your existing system, detailing the possibilities of a more modern solution, and exposing the benefits of moving to the cloud.

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Country payroll guides

Explore Payroll by Country

As much as cultures can vary across regions, payroll and tax regulations can differ greatly from country to country. Knowing the specific requirements and understanding local nuances and expectations can be a real challenge—sometimes with costly consequences. These country-specific payroll guides outline the basics of doing business in each location, including tax regulations, employment requirements, holidays, and much more.

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