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Ensure accurate, standardized payroll processing in 120+ countries and 25+ languages, all through a single SaaS solution.

To pay their global workforce, multinational organizations often work with dozens of payroll providers around the world – all operating with their own systems, workflows, processes, and standards. But that ‘decentralized’ model creates hidden costs, and isn’t scalable or sustainable long-term. Without a holistic approach to global payroll, organizations can’t assess the end-to-end efficiency, effectiveness, or economics of the payroll function in any meaningful way.

That’s why CloudPay provides managed global payroll services to multinational organizations through a single, unified SaaS solution.

CloudPay executes accurate, compliant payroll across 120+ countries (in 25+ languages) using standardized, automated, auditable processes adapted to the unique requirements of each location.



By consolidating end-to-end global payroll into a single solution, CloudPay equips clients with unprecedented transparency and control while minimizing complex manual processes. With a high-quality payroll data set, our customers achieve enterprise-wide visibility into processing performance, payroll costs, and compliance measures – driving operational improvements across the entire organization.

global payroll process with CloudPay
  • INTEGRATE payroll information with HCM and ERP data in a seamless, secure manner
  • STANDARDIZE payroll workflows to minimize inefficiency & cultivate better quality data
  • AUTOMATE the payroll process to lessen manual effort & optimize overall performance
  • SIMPLIFY the management of payroll & payments around the globe
  • MAXIMIZE productivity while lowering costs, lessening errors & shortening pay cycles
  • ALIGN payroll with enterprise-wide objectives & strategic business goals


Ensure seamless data transfer between your Finance, HR and Payroll systems to lower processing timelines, minimize errors, and reduce IT requirements.

Payroll relies on data often housed in enterprise resource planning (ERP) or human capital management (HCM) systems. To transfer that data to Payroll, organizations often rely on time-consuming, spreadsheet-bound processes. By transferring data through manual uploads, organizations increase the likelihood of errors and make sensitive employee information more vulnerable.

That's why we've built CloudPay Connect – a framework that standardizes how employee, demographic, and payroll data moves between your software. With CloudPay organizations can seamlessly integrate global payroll with leading HCM & ERP software.

We believe that standardized data and automation are essentials to ensuring accurate, auditable, and compliant results. 

CloudPay Connect imports defined data sets from a variety of sources, including Workday, SuccessFactors, Oracle, Workforce Software, and PeopleSoft (see our partners), and processes them in a consistent manner.

By scheduling automated and secure data transfers, our clients lower implementation timelines and IT expenses – ultimately boosting data quality and reducing the time and cost of payroll processing. 

Integrating Global HR with Global Payroll
  • Ensure high-quality payroll processing and reduce costs by synchronizing data in your HCM with CloudPay.
  • Achieve holistic visibility of payroll costs via secure web integration protocols that import data from existing finance and ERP systems.
  • Integrate payroll results and payslips to give employees access to statutory-compliant pay information within your HCM, or use our own self-service interface.
  • Lower IT and development expenses with system integrations designed, built, and maintained by CloudPay’s team of experts.
  • Improve documentation with a Data Dictionary that outlines mapped fields and serves as a guide for future integration.
  • Facilitate the flow of data for processing based on a set of business rules within your HCM application.


Execute each payroll with greater specificity and accuracy by automatically validating payroll data both before and after processing.

The most common source of payroll processing problems is incorrect, incomplete, or mismanaged data. To understand where any problems in the pay cycle stem from, managers will review the payroll exception reports their vendors circulate after processing.

The problem, of course, is that any errors identified in post-processing reports prohibit real-time error resolution. Once data issues have landed in an exception report, it’s too late for managers to fix them – these errors have already led to delays, undeliverable payments, or worse. By only looking backward, payroll teams rarely resolve the root causes of recurring processing issues.

CloudPay's data validation framework helps payroll teams be more proactive by intelligently catching and fixing errors before they lead to re-runs and added costs. Our solution automatically validates data both before and after processing.

CloudPay’s flexible validation framework is ever-learning and is customized to adhere to the specific policies, compliance requirements, and tolerance levels of each payroll in your global footprint.

Using our pre-built validation schemes and relying on constant improvement, we make flagging and resolving data irregularities simple and reliable. 

  • Save time and money and decrease resource use by lessening the need to resubmit data or reprocess individual payrolls.
  • Take advantage of custom validation schemes that are triggered automatically when locking and processing payroll.
  • Prioritize irregularities or errors according to severity. Notify only the relevant constituencies to minimize unnecessary disruptions.
  • Couple data validation with LPI integration to ensure compliant payroll runs according to the guidelines of each region, country, or individual payroll.
  • Compare pre-process intelligence against post-process outcomes to drive greater accountability across the payroll function.
  • Use auditing and analytics to monitor how data validation and error flagging improve payroll performance over time.


Use standardized processes, a global payroll calendar, automated workflows, and auditable payroll management to increase efficiency and achieve unparalleled visibility into global payroll.

Global Payroll Solution

Completing every payroll run requires moving through dozens of interconnected steps taken by dozens of individuals, all at a high volume. Over the course of this process, a million things can go wrong, yet many organizations still take a ‘paper checklist’ approach to processing payroll at every location.

Lack of standardization, different time-zones, disparate technology, ad-hoc updates, and out-of-sync labor management are just some of the issues organizations encounter during their global payroll process. These issues ultimately prevent them from realizing the benefits of controlled, auditable, and reportable payroll processing.

Achieving meaningful improvement in payroll performance requires process standardization, automation, and visibility.

CloudPay's platform uses integrated calculation engines and a pioneering business process management application that captures data on every action taken as each payroll moves through a defined set of workflows and processes.

Each payroll run is completed in-line with local and country-specific requirements, and all process data is captured to cultivate actionable analytics on global payroll performance.



payroll calendars and payroll schedules

Unified Global Payroll Calendar

  • Stop managing global payroll schedules with manual and separate local calendars.
  • Streamline issue management and resolution through real-time collaboration with all constituencies.
  • Ensure greater quality, consistency, accuracy, and timeliness of overall payroll results.
  • Gain visibility into upcoming deadlines and workloads to better distribute your labor.
payroll analytics and standard processes

In-Process Payroll Analysis

  • Simplify service and support with an auditable view into the execution of every single pay run around the globe.
  • Track every action to know who performs each step, how long each step takes, and where you can realize new efficiencies.
  • Increase productivity by automating as much of the payroll cycle as possible, using standardized but adaptable workflows.


Integrate payroll with payments to conquer the operational and administrative challenges of paying a globally distributed workforce.

Compensating an international employee base and submitting statutory payments can be a complex and difficult challenge.

As organizations manage multiple banking platforms for each location, high volumes of charges, and costly transaction fees, the inefficiencies and compliance risks pile up.

CloudPay provides an integrated solution that enables multinational organizations to pay globally distributed employees and third-parties in an automated, trackable, and cost-efficient way.

With CloudPay Payments, funding requests are auto-populated through CloudPay Payroll – eliminating the need for manual file transfers to each bank account while minimizing fees.

By centralizing global payment processes and configuring CloudPay Payments to their enterprise specifications, organizations can achieve stronger payment accuracy and compliance.

Through a single solution, our clients simplify funds transfers, improve reconciliation efforts, and lessen their reliance on expensive administrative tasks. In the process, they achieve greater efficiency and end-to-end visibility into their payroll costs around the globe.

CloudPay Payments is a flexible solution that offers three different funding options and offers single currency settlement in USD, GBP, SGD and EUR.

  • Experience an end-to-end solution that covers everything from data input to payments for employees and third-parties.
  • Save time, money, and resources on managing and processing international payroll services and fund transfers.
  • Achieve full transparency into the overall cost of payroll before any payments are executed.
  • Assure data security with a system that automatically takes files from CloudPay Payroll and securely transfers them to appropriate payment vendors.
  • Easily disburse funds based on a chosen payment schedule.
  • Receive automatically generated reconciliation reports for payments, guaranteeing a fully compliant and documented audit process and effective reconciliation.


Gain complete visibility into compliance requirements & filing statuses across your entire enterprise. Maintain all documentation in a centralized global repository.

Multinational organizations are subject to a variety of ever-changing payroll laws and regulations across every country and municipal jurisdiction in which they operate. With every new border a company crosses, the challenge of maintaining payroll compliance gets more complex. 

The consequences of noncompliance are steep: Missed deadlines, incomplete filings, and mismanaged tax requirements can lead to fines, legal repercussions, and reputational harm. Yet many organizations manage payroll compliance using entirely offline processes, giving them no visibility into which obligations they have and haven’t satisfied.

CloudPay takes the guesswork out of global payroll compliance. Our end-to-end Compliance Tracker provides multinational companies with complete transparency into all statutory guidelines and tax requirements across their global footprint, with real-time visibility into filing schedules and statuses to help assure continuous compliance.

Our solution comes equipped with issue tracking functionality and auditable processes for SOX compliance and internal risk management. Since CloudPay manages the generation and submission of statutory filings and payments, we also provide a secure, consolidated global library for storing and accessing all compliance-related documents.

  • UNDERSTAND all rules and regulations affecting your global enterprise. CloudPay’s in-country employees and local experts guide global companies through the ‘legislative labyrinth’ of in-country compliance.
  • ACCESS a centralized library of local payroll information (LPI) updated in real-time. With country-specific payroll requirements always available, you’re never reliant on outdated or partial information.
  • MONITOR & TRACK the compliance statuses of every payroll in your global footprint. Quickly view schedules and filing deadlines to allocate resources as wisely as possible.
  • MITIGATE RISK in the compliance function with top-tier security and proactive issue resolution. Gain the support of a payroll partner with over 20 years of experience in global compliance.
"With CloudPay, Visa introduced an automated and efficient end-to-end process from information upload through to employees pay with few manual interventions."
- European Payroll Manager, VISA
"We use CloudPay to run payroll in over 42 countries - it is truly the first system our team enjoys using, and everyone in the organization can trust."
- Global Head of Payroll at GROUPON
"The fact that CloudPay can adapt its controls and framework for our company policies and regional requirements is evidence of their capabilities."
- Director of Global Payroll & Disbursements at AMERICAN BUREAU OF SHIPPING (ABS)


Whether you manage payroll in five countries or 50, you need global access to data to ensure compliance beyond borders and get the analytics and insights that will move your company forward.