Global Payroll With Perspective
New Standard of Accuracy & Transparency



Innovative managed services payroll solution that ensures accurate payroll processing in over 120 countries with support in over 20 languages.

As companies expand their global operations, they demand a more sophisticated way to manage global payroll. They need to ensure accuracy across their footprint, remain compliant in every region, gain visibility into the efficiency of their international payroll delivery, all while minimizing operating costs.

That’s why multinational organizations come to CloudPay - for a single solution capable of integrating payroll across countries, providing consistent accuracy and reporting, while ensuring compliance with local laws and company policies. 

CloudPay Payroll connects payroll operations globally on one SaaS platform and ensures consistent service everywhere your workforce operates. There are no legacy systems, no fragmented data and no separate contracts. Just a single, fully-compliant and flexible system packed with smart applications.

Our technology and services employ state-of-the-art security, while providing enterprise-wide visibility into payroll costs. We also help you master your payroll by consolidating all of your global payroll data - helping you reach a new level of transparency and cost effectiveness. 


Leverage the power of a single global payroll solution with operations throughout the Americas, Europe, and Asia-Pacific to efficiently manage your international payroll and payments. We remove the administrative burden of managing increasingly complex multinational payroll and payment activities, enabling you to gain control of payroll deliver.

Capabilities in 120+ countries
  • Standardize complex processes that simplify global, national and specific payroll tasks.
  • Achieve communication and collaboration on an international scale.
  • Simplify monitoring of statutory and regulatory compliance across national borders.
  • Connect existing HCM and ERP software to CloudPay Payroll through secure web services and data exchanges.
  • Reduce operating costs and speed up payroll processing.
  • Harness consolidated calendars to understand your deadlines and better distribute payroll labor.
  • Provide your employees with real-time access to key information and country-specific payslips through an international self-service portal.



Ensure quality, consistency, and timeliness of payroll in each country and across the globe. Automate workflow, standardize payroll processes, and improve visibility into payroll costs.

With CloudPay Control, organizations can manage international payroll through automated workflows to increase efficiency, while enabling unparalleled visibility. CloudPay Control brings together all aspects of workflow and performance management into a single solution for every country’s payroll.

CloudPay Control is a pioneering and unique cloud-based business process management solution that ensures every step, of every payroll, is completed in-line with global and country requirements.

By integrating data from CloudPay Payroll, managed services teams and other payroll applications, we remove the requirements for ‘paper checklists’ and ‘payroll manuals’. And, as with all other CloudPay applications, CloudPay Control is built into our payroll platform, allowing us to aggregate all data in a global dashboard for company-wide visibility.

With CloudPay Control, you'll find ways to streamline your payroll processes, while ensuring quality, consistency, and timeliness of results across the globe.

  • Improve workflows and complete tasks on time with an automated and auditable process for every payroll run.
  • Gain insight by easily targeting areas for improvement with dashboards that cover your entire global process with detailed lists of every issue encountered throughout the payroll cycle.
  • Reduce costs by monitoring and optimizing global payroll performance with speed.
  • See how your performance compares to established benchmarks from across our customer base.
  • Easily optimize payroll process to make your teams more productive.
  • Increase efficiency with a simple optimized payroll process with best-practice definitions customized by your organization.
  • Streamline payroll data by consolidating local regulatory requirements and validating new payroll information.





Standardize, automate, and validate the way data moves into and out of CloudPay’s platform and external software, including HCM platforms such as Workday, SuccessFactors, and PeopleSoft.

Reduce the time and cost of implementation and processing by enabling automated scheduled data transfer to support accurate, auditable and compliant payroll service.

CloudPay Connect is a framework that standardizes how employee, demographic and payroll information moves between the platform and a wide range of external applications.

CloudPay Connect imports defined data sets from a variety of sources, including HRM platforms such as Workday, SuccessFactors, and PeopleSoft, and processes them in a consistent manner to limit an organization's required resources.

By reducing the time and cost of implementation and processing, CloudPay’s automated data transfer produces payroll results that you can trust.

CloudPay Connect
  • Ensure high-quality payroll processing and reduce costs by synchronizing data in your HCM with CloudPay.
  • Achieve holistic visibility of payroll costs via secure web integration protocols that import data from existing finance and ERP systems.
  • Streamline employee access to statutory-compliant pay slips through your HCM. CloudPay can also provide an independent and global employee self-service interface.
  • Lower IT and development expenses with system integrations designed, built and maintained by CloudPay’s team of experts.
  • Improve documentation with a Data Dictionary that outlines mapped fields and serves as a guide for future integration.
  • Facilitate the flow of data for processing based on a set of business rules within your HCM application.



Experience complete visibility of schedules, deadlines, and workloads through an integrated global payroll calendar that reduces manual activities and improves operational efficiency.

Lack of standardization, different time-zones, ad-hoc updates, and out-of-sync labor management are just some of the issues CloudPay Calendar can solve. CloudPay Calendar delivers a consolidated view of an organization’s payroll calendars giving unparalleled visibility into the payroll process.

Role and permission-based calendars provide tailored views to accommodate local, regional, and global processes, reviews, and approvals - all from a single dashboard. With CloudPay Calendar, multinational enterprises can finally stop relying on manual calendars and understand important deadlines with a single consolidated dashboard.

CloudPay Calendar reduces manual activities and connects all global payroll tasks – providing visibility and standardization at every level. Customers can access all payroll-critical information any time, anywhere and seamlessly sync data across global locations to improve both time and operational efficiency.

CloudPay Calendar also provides organizations with interactive features, such as alerts and reminders for critical deadlines and scheduled activities. Global staff members are able to communicate with each other through CloudPay Calendar to ensure labor is allocated effectively and planned activities are executed on time.

CloudPay Calendar
  • Stop managing global payroll schedules with manual and separate local calendars.
  • Gain visibility into upcoming deadlines and workloads to better distribute your labor.
  • Reduce manual activities through integrated and continuous population of calendars for each payroll.
  • Enable alerts and reminders to meet all critical deadlines.





Manages every aspect of communication and collaboration for global payroll delivery.

Collaborative global payroll, where everyone involved is able to participate, react and resolve their day-to-day tasks, requires an integrated environment that enables and facilitates real-time communication. CloudPay Collaborate is a web-based hub of payroll and payments activity, bringing together the different people, with different expertise, to deliver a unified international payroll and payments solution.

It brings together all interaction, feedback, engagement and communication throughout the payroll process. Organizations can communicate with people inside CloudPay, their employees, in-country partners, as well as public and private organizations that operate in the world of payroll and payments.

CloudPay Collaborate also features a deep knowledge base of documentation along with access to subject-matter experts and CloudPay partners. It provides ticket-based issue management services, communications services, as well as reports and service dashboards - creating a space for consultation and discussion.

By building a collaboration suite within our platform, we automate the secure management of payroll communications by providing an efficient and globally consistent approach for the delivery of global payroll and payments. We connect users in real-time with all the right information to provide a collaborative communication environment throughout the payroll process.

CloudPay Collaborate
  • Gain a comprehensive view of the payroll process through a platform that automatically integrates and consolidates payroll collaborations.
  • Connect your internal staff to CloudPay’s experts and partners in real-time through consolidated conversation streams for each payroll.
  • Access an auditable view of all payroll-related conversations.
  • Easily view all open and unsolved collaborations based on a current run or Payroll ID.
  • Stop relying on disparate email communication and ensure that all payroll related conversations are secure and searchable.
  • Get country-specific regulatory updates, alerts and changes to ensure your organization has the latest local requirements.





Automate, track and cost-effectively deliver payments to globally distributed employees and third parties, overcoming the operational difficulties and reducing costs.

Compensating an international employee base and making statutory payments to authorities is an increasingly complex and difficult challenge. Multiple banking platforms for each location, a high volume of charges, costly transaction fees and compliance risks pile up. CloudPay provides an integrated payment solution for international organizations to pay globally distributed employees and third-parties, thus overcoming operational difficulties and reducing costs.

CloudPay Payments allows multinational organizations to automate, track, and efficiently deliver payments to their global footprint. By integrating payments and payroll we eliminate manual processing, reduce transaction fees and provide visibility into all payroll costs.

CloudPay Payments automatically populates funding requests through CloudPay Payroll, eliminating the need for manual file transfers to each bank account. It can be configured to the unique requirements of any enterprise seeking to centralize global payroll payment processes. This helps to simplify funds transfer processes, improve reconciliation efforts, reduce costs and administrative processes. CloudPay Payments offers single currency settlement in USD, GBP, SGD and EUR.

Our Payroll and Payments together provides an end-to-end solution from data input right through to payments received by both employees and third-parties. This allows multinational organizations to spend less time, resources and money on the management and processing of international payroll and funds transfers.

  • Experience an end-to-end solution that covers everything from data input to payments for employees and third-parties.
  • Save time, money, and resources on managing and processing international payroll services and fund transfers.
  • Achieve full transparency into the overall cost of payroll before any payments are executed.
  • Assure data security with a system that automatically takes files from CloudPay Payroll and securely transfers them to appropriate payment vendors.
  • Easily disburse funds based on a chosen payment schedule.
  • Receive automatically generated reconciliation reports for payments, guaranteeing a fully compliant and documented audit process and effective reconciliation.



Our in-house service centers are fully resourced multilingual hubs providing payroll managed services across the globe.

Leverage the power of a single payroll and payments partner with operations throughout the Americas, Europe, and Asia-Pacific to efficiently manage your global payroll and payments. CloudPay alleviates the administrative burden of managing increasingly complex multinational payroll and payment activities, enabling you to gain control of payroll and payments.

From our service centers in the US, UK, France, Hungary, Singapore, China, Philippines and Brazil, the CloudPay managed services teams provide outsourced payroll and payments processing to our customers.

CloudPay's in-house team undertakes over 75% of all processing. In territories where an in-country partner is necessary, we ensure that all customer data stays in the CloudPay platform, providing a reliable global solution with managed data flows and fully auditable approval processes.

CloudPay managed services ensure compliance with the stringent regulatory requirements of every country in which you operate. Its seamless global payroll and payments solution with managed data flows and fully auditable approval process provides evidence of a robust and reliable system of controls, helping you reduce costs and mitigate risk.


CloudPay Service Centers

  • Achieve accurate and consistent service, regardless of the number of employees in a particular country through our in-house operations team and our network of in-country partners.
  • Take advantage of cloud-based technology to access payroll and payments data from anywhere.
  • Reduce risk and achieve compliance with SSAE 16 / ISAE 3402 (formerly SAS 70), ISO27001 and other payroll and payments requirements.
  • Stay current with legislative changes as they occur.
  • Eliminate management of disparate technology solutions, data and multiple payroll vendors and gain control over costs.
  • Gain visibility into payroll data through CloudPay Analytics for more in-depth business intelligence and proactive decision making.
  • Empower employees with online access to payslips through single sign-on (SSO) functionality.
"With CloudPay, Visa introduced an automated and efficient end-to-end process from information upload through to employees pay with few manual interventions."
- European Payroll Manager, VISA
"We use CloudPay to run payroll in over 42 countries - it is truly the first system our team enjoys using, and everyone in the organization can trust."
- Global Head of Payroll at GROUPON
"The fact that CloudPay can adapt its controls and framework for our company policies and regional requirements is evidence of their capabilities."
- Director of Global Payroll & Disbursements at AMERICAN BUREAU OF SHIPPING (ABS)


Whether you manage payroll in five countries or 50, you need global access to data to ensure compliance beyond borders and get the analytics and insights that will move your company forward.