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Automatic data validation before and after processing resolves errors before they cause problems.

When incorrect, incomplete, or mismanaged data causes payroll processing issues, managers turns to after-the-fact payroll exception reports in an effort to resolve errors that could have been prevented. The problem is that the errors have already caused delays, undeliverable payments, or worse.

CloudPay's data validation framework helps your organisation be more proactive by intelligently catching and fixing errors before they lead to re-runs and added costs.

This validation framework is customised to adhere to the specific policies and compliance requirements of each payroll in your global footprint, continuing to learn and adapt to your business.

Real-Time Payroll Data Validation

  • Save time and money by reducing data resubmission and payroll reprocessing
  • Customise validation schemes to trigger automatically when locking and processing payroll
  • Prioritise irregularities or errors according to severity and notify only relevant constituencies to minimise disruptions
  • Couple data validation with LPI integration to ensure compliant payroll runs according to the guidelines of each region, country, or individual payroll
  • Compare pre-process intelligence against post-process outcomes to drive greater accountability across the payroll function
  • Use auditing and analytics to monitor how data validation and error flagging improve payroll performance over time

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