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Standardised processes, a global payroll calendar, automated workflows, and auditable payroll management increase efficiency and visibility.

Completing every payroll run requires dozens of steps taken by dozens of individuals — all at a high volume. Many organisations still take a paper checklist approach to processing payroll at every location, despite a high risk of error from lack of standardisation, different time zones, disparate technology, ad-hoc updates, out-of-sync labour management, and more.

CloudPay standardises and automates the payroll process for improved accuracy and global visibility by:

  • Leveraging integrated calculation engines
  • Capturing data on every action taken as each payroll moves through a defined set of workflows and processes
  • Completing payroll runs in line with local and country-specific requirements
  • Capturing process data to deliver actionable analytic insights on global payroll performance

Unified Global Payroll Calendar

Stop managing global payroll schedules with manual and separate local calendars. The CloudPay Unified Global Payroll Calendar streamlines issue management and resolution through real-time collaboration with all constituencies. Ensure consistent, accurate, and timely payroll results, while gaining visibility into upcoming deadlines and workloads to optimise labour management.

In-Process Payroll Analysis

Simplify service and support with an auditable view into the execution of each pay run around the globe. Track every action to know who performs each step, how long each step takes, and where you can realise new efficiencies — including automating as much of the payroll cycle as possible using standardised, adaptable workflows.

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Whether you manage payroll in five countries or 50, you need a global solution that ensures compliance beyond borders and insights that will move your company forward.

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