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Monitor the right metrics with our advanced analytics toolset. Analyse global performance or delve deep into your data for granular intelligence.

Sophisticated multinational companies use analytics to power decision-making across almost every area of the enterprise. Global payroll should be no exception. Managing global payroll effectively requires real-time intelligence on what’s happening across the entire payroll function. But when organisations rely solely on exception reports and monthly reviews, critical business questions can go unanswered and opportunities for in-process improvement can be lost.

That’s why global companies use CloudPay Analytics for accurate, real-time payroll reports and insights. CloudPay Analytics combines advanced business intelligence technology with standardised data and streamlined integration to deliver complete transparency into payroll.

With a dashboard view of the global payroll function, organisations can monitor KPIs, assess trends, benchmark their performance, and drive broad and granular process improvements. By analysing data within CloudPay Payroll and linking it with data from third-party HCM and ERP systems, CloudPay Analytics delivers a single version of the truth for payroll across the entire enterprise.


  • Increase efficiency: Eliminate the time and effort spent on data collection and management. Drive organisational improvement with a dashboard view of productivity and performance insights.
  • Automate reporting: Create reports automatically to simplify KPI monitoring and benchmarking. Streamline post-process audits and filter the data to address problems at their root cause.
  • Reduce costs: Understand and manage your global payroll expenses in a more holistic way. Uncover hidden costs by breaking down spending across categories and geographies.
  • Improve decision-making: Use accurate payroll data to support enterprise growth or expansion. Elevate Payroll’s strategic importance by delivering personalised, role-relevant data to senior leaders.

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Whether you manage payroll in five countries or 50, you need a global solution that ensures compliance beyond borders and insights that will move your company forward.

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