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USING GLOBAL PAYROLL DATA TO Deliver Real-Time Insights for CFOs

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Why the Cloud Makes Life Easy on You, Your Teams & the Rest of Your Boardroom.

The data stored in your payroll function underpins many standard board agenda items, such as the review of management accounts. And, if used to its fullest, this data can be manipulated to help inform more critical decisions, such as evaluating the employee costs of expanding in a particular region. Yet for many global companies, one big challenge still remains - an inability to bring this payroll data together easily, in a form that can be visualized by the Board.

For many business leaders and Chief Financial Officers (CFOs), this missing information is a constant source of frustration. It should be at your fingertips, available in real-time with an intuitive dashboard (rather than flat PowerPoint slides) that enables you to drill down on the fly to support the points under discussion. In this CloudPaper, we’ll look at how you could put such a process in place in just a matter of months.