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How to Thrive in your First 90 Days 

 Guide for Global Payroll Leaders

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A special report on how to thrive in your first 90 days, a guide for new global payroll leaders.

Everybody knows the importance of making a strong start to a new job, especially in the case of a new leadership role. Whether you’re joining a new organization as a global payroll leader or you’ve been promoted from within, you’ll naturally be keen to make your mark as quickly as possible. In most businesses, there’s an informal time frame that defines this critical period, with the first 90 days typically seen as decisive for a new leader. 

A popular business philosophy, the ‘90 days’ concept effectively sets a deadline for the building of personal credibility and key relationships in a new role. During these first three months, conventional wisdom suggests you’ll need to earn the trust of people around you and start to create the kind of positive momentum that will ultimately inspire long-term organizational change. It’s a mindset applicable to any new leader — but for a global payroll leader, the first 90 days can be especially challenging. 

Often, you’ll have been hired (or promoted) to spearhead a global payroll transformation or stabilization project, meaning you not only face the challenge of adapting to a new environment and new colleagues, but you’ll also need to get to grips with a major change project at the same time.