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The Definitive Global Payroll RFP

For multinational organizations, moving from a decentralized vendor landscape to a true global payroll solution involves multiple steps. Before a company can implement a new solution and onboard its Payroll team, it needs to build a business case, win internal buy-in, prospect potential vendors, and finalize an agreement with its selected service provider.

Over the course of that process, many organizations use a tried-and-true approach to enterprise software selection: the request for proposal, or RFP.


An RFP is a document that an organization posts to elicit bids from potential vendors for a desired solution. At minimum, the RFP specifies what an organization is looking for and establishes its criteria for evaluating proposals. That description makes RFPs sound simple, but many are incredibly complex – not to mention poorly structured and packed with redundant questions.

That's why CloudPay put together a specialized RFP template for global payroll to help multinational companies design a clear and effective evaluation strategy. The template is quick to use and lists virtually all the global payroll solution features and functions you may need. So, you won’t have to think them up from scratch. Just choose those you need and remove the rest using our simple-to-use Excel spreadsheet.