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The THree Key Stages of Global Payroll Implementation

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A Comprehensive Guide to Building a Business Case, Evaluating Vendors and Deploying a Solution

In the quest for better business performance, large organizations must continually evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of their global operations. When the focus is on payroll, the review process can get stuck in an endless evaluation cycle. This is typically because, despite an overwhelming feeling that things can be improved, the evidence needed to convince decision-makers tends to fall short.

Many companies struggle to move beyond the initial needs assessment phase because they just can’t get a good handle on how much their current approach is costing them.

In most cases, the cost of outsourcing or moving to a unified global platform is reviewed in parallel to an internal ‘as is’ evaluation. When compared to an incomplete internal picture (absent of many hidden global payroll costs), the justification for change is almost impossible to make.

The selection phase itself calls for real clarity and understanding of requirements, before embarking on the procurement process. Implementation is then about realizing value in the shortest possible timeframe whilst ensuring you bring everyone with you—especially those at the local country level. 

In this CloudPaper, we explore each of the three stages: evaluation, selection and deployment. For those tasked with managing any of these critical steps, we provide real-world advice assimilated from many years of building business cases and running global payroll projects.