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next generation global payroll analytics

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Using End-to-End Analytics to Optimize Payroll Performance

Managing global payroll effectively requires real-time visibility into what’s happening across the entire payroll function, and why. With next-generation analytics, organizations can visualize their data to understand payroll performance in context – earning far more actionable and insightful intelligence than they can realize from standard reporting.

Yet the most valuable intelligence is acquired when multinational organizations have a holistic approach to payroll across the global enterprise. By utilizing standardized processes, automated workflows, streamlined integrations, and expert managed services and support, multinational organizations can cultivate high-quality data and apply payroll analytics for a variety of operational improvement initiatives.

To earn game-changing results from global payroll analytics, organizations must:

  1. Establish a foundation for data integrity;

  2. Build a cloud-based and analytics-driven strategy; and

  3. Use analytical insights to drive long-term improvement

This CloudPaper will outline how stakeholders can conquer each of those goals and acheive game-changing outcomes from a data-powered approach to payroll. Readers will learn:

  • Why it's vital to create a unified system of record for the global payroll function;
  • How their data capture, data integration, and data standardization efforts impact the usefulness of payroll analytics;
  • How to assess the value what they are (and aren’t) realizing from their current approach to analytics and reporting;
  • What 'value add' tactics to incorporate into their payroll analytics initiative;
  • How to earn long-term ROI from a data-driven approach to global payroll; and
  • The many ways organizations can use payroll data analytics to eliminate inefficiencies, lower costs, improve strategic planning, and more; and
  • How game-changing analytics can be the first step to a game-changing culture shift across the entire enterprise.