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Ensure a Seamless Transition to a Global Payroll Solution 

Investing in organizational change is a company’s most important growth strategy. With a transformative change in Payroll, an organization can set the foundation for long-term success: Moving from a ‘decentralized’ vendor landscape to a consolidated global solution helps organizations reduce operating costs, increase efficiency and productivity, and cultivate better, more useful data.

The challenge for business leaders is to effectuate change in Payroll without arousing anxiety, doubt, and resistance in the ranks.

Change Management: Turn a Transformative Commitment into Action.

Whereas transformation is focused on driving substantive change in a fundamental area of the business (such as Payroll), change management is about facilitating the journey to a transformed “future state” in a defined aspect of enterprise operations.

This CloudPaper is designed to help organizations achieve transformative change in Payroll through a seamless and collaborative process. 

As an organization moves from payroll vendor selection to implementation, there are five areas of concern they should prioritize to ensure a successful transition:

  • Leadership: Making the switch a common goal across the enterprise. 
  • Management: Building out a well- resourced & collaborative project team. 
  • Definition: Taking the inventory of an existing payroll landscape. 
  • Planning: Strategizing for a successful roll-out across the enterprise. 
  • Execution: Administrating a well- planned, cooperative change.

This report will outline the key considerations of each focus area while providing "best practices" to help companies keep their change initiatives on track. Readers will learn:

  • Which stakeholders are suited for leadership and management roles in a payroll transformation project (and what responsibilities those roles entail);
  • How to conduct a Global Payroll Audit to assess and understand their current-state operations in an end-to-end way;
  • How to design the transformed future-state of Payroll with a tactical and benefits-driven approach;
  • Which implementation and roll-out strategy (volume-based, need-based, or ‘ease-based’) best meets their objectives; and
  • How the transformation of payroll can be the first step to a change-friendly culture shift across the company.