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Development Team Lead | Makati City, Philippines

Posted: Mar 11, 2019 8:48:13 AM

Position summary

We’re looking for an energetic, passionate and engaged leader to join our Manilla-based Customization Team team helping to define, build, maintain and support our customers’ initial and ongoing experience. You will work closely with peers, customers and stakeholders globally and across functions, utilising analytical skills and collaboration tools to deliver customer requirements to support the smooth utilization of the CloudPay platform across the world.

You will be an experienced Software Developer and Leader, comfortable switching between technical and interpersonal skills to help grow and nurture technology, process and people in the pursuit of excellence. As a software developer, you will be able to utilize your experience to develop solutions to meet critical business problems as well as provide mentorship and guidance to the team. As a leader, you will be comfortable developing individuals, growing a team and supporting and representing them as part of our global engineering group.

  • 2nd Class degree in Computer Science or Software Engineering
  • Minimum 5 years hands-on development experience, with 2+ years providing trusted leadership through growing, developing and maintaining a team of technical professionals
  • Strong working knowledge of Java, Spring, JSP, CSS, Javascript Frameworks, RESTful Web-Services, MySQL/MariaDB, MongoDB
  • Strong teamwork skills, ability to collaborate, coordinate, analyse, design, show attention to detail and follow a task through to completion
  • Willingness to dive into live technical issues to provide support and issue resolutions
  • Passion for learning and problem solving in both technical and business area
  • Comfortable with using the following tools: Eclipse IDE, Maven, Mercurial, Git and the Atlassian suite of collaboration and development tools
  • Background in Payroll, HR or other financial domains
  • Experience in web site security
  • Experience with agile development methodology
Our main software project is a large Java web application that supports the complex business of coordinating and running global payroll. The application’s key functions and responsibilities focus on:
  • Collaboration and Control of the flow of data and processes between people and systems
  • Integration of data from various sources, both automated and manual; into an aggregated data warehouse
  • Extracting, formatting, and transmitting data to third-parties
  • Processing of stored and incoming data to produce new data, and add value to existing data
  • Internationalisation to support business users around the world
All the above has been developed over many years, contains a high degree of bespoke code and has a high degree of complexity.

There is a great deal of domain knowledge to master that will come from working well with others in the teams and there is an important ongoing support role which can involve very complex investigations and collaborating with various areas of the business. We use Atlassian Cloud to support our end-to-end Product-Development cycle, so familiarity with the Atlassian tools will be a bonus.

  • Leading & developing a team of software developers, supporting, recruiting and mentoring
  • Analysis of requirements, technical design and implementation into usable functionality
  • Documentation of new or updated functionality as released
  • Technical support of existing functionalities once launched into production environment
  • Upholding code standards and best practices through code reviews, refactoring efforts, and peer mentoring
  • Identifying solutions to existing or upcoming issues, presenting realistic solutions and championing priorities

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