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Agile Scrum Master | Makati City, Philippines

Posted: Jun 5, 2019 3:59:39 AM

We’re looking for an energetic, passionate and inquisitive person experienced as a Scrum Master to join our Manila-based engineering team who are creating, extending and consolidating our bespoke Java-based cloud application that coordinates and processes global payroll.

The successful applicant will interact closely with peers locally and in other regions using whiteboards, stickies, video conferencing, and digital collaboration tools in order to help us deliver valuable outcomes quickly and frequently to our customers in short increments; and to inspect and adapt our work based on feedback from stakeholders that we collaborate with.

“As a growing team working in an agile way, we want a servant leader, so that we can be awesome!”

Package and Benefits:

  • Competitive annual salary
  • Annual Leave: 18 days
  • Sick Leave: 10 days
  • HMO
  • Personal and professional development opportunities
  • Friendly working environment

Attributes and Experience Required:

  • A friendly, communicative person able to coach, mentor, educate and inspire teams towards self-organisation and self-management
  • A scientific attitude: caring about evidence; and, willingness to change beliefs based on new evidence
  • A catalyst for teams' continual improvement
  • In-depth knowledge of and experience with one or more of: Scrum, Kanban, Lean and XP
  • CloudPay's agile teams are looking for these traits in a scrum master: confident, humble, generous, empowering, patient, and "awesomeness"
  • (Desirable) Certified Scrum Master
  • (Desirable) Experience with scaling agile practices
  • (Desirable) Experience with financial services

Daily Duties and Main Responsibilities Will Include:

  • Facilitate agile ceremonies for teams that have local and remote team members
  • Promote adoption of agile values, principles and practices by teams and the wider organisation
  • Build a culture of delivering working software frequently
  • Coach product owners on backlog management and user story writing and splitting
  • Collaborate with customers, both internal and external worldwide
  • Foster a holistic, systems engineering framework for agile practices
  • An active member of CloudPay's agile mastery community of practice
  • Challenge business stakeholders to think in an evolutionary manner, supporting agile delivery approaches
  • Demonstrate an attitude of empowerment to create leadership at all levels
  • Enhance own knowledge and share what learned

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