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CloudPay: One of the Most Influential SaaS Companies in the World

Feb 4, 2015  | Topic:

Since our inception, CloudPay has been focused on leading the world in global payroll innovation. It is this pioneering spirit that has enabled us to emerge as the world’s only cloud-based platform for integrated global payroll and payments. But we’re not satisfied and we won’t ever be… we’ll continue to develop innovative advancements in the payroll industry, bringing new efficiencies and streamlining processes for what used to be an incredibly complex function.

It’s this entrepreneurial spirit and ability to leverage the latest technological advancements to improve our offerings that resulted in CloudPay’s most recent achievement. For the second time, we have been ranked in the Montclare SaaS 250, a list of the most innovative and significant global SaaS companies. Our inclusion in the 155th spot on this exclusive list highlights our status as one of the fastest growing SaaS companies in the world and our demonstrated excellence in innovation.

Today’s multi-national companies continue to struggle in compensating their global employees, not just accurately and on time but also in accordance with local regulations. Managing payroll at the local level can be challenging, with companies often losing control and visibility of the process and its costs. That’s why CloudPay developed the leading SaaS payroll processing and payments solution, delivered via a cloud-based integrated platform. Through our industry-leading managed payroll and payments processing, consolidated reporting and analysis, we’ve taken the mystery, complexity and risk out of global payroll, helping multinationals to optimize their payroll processes.

As the payroll regulatory environment continues to become more complex, with each country constantly revising their policies and adding new rules and regulations, the ability to manage the function through robust technology can be a significant advantage. We fully understand this need and continually strive to develop the most cutting-edge, cloud-based solutions available. And based on our ranking in the Montclare SaaS 250, it’s clear that our efforts aren’t just recognized by the payroll sector, but by the larger SaaS industry as a whole.

CloudPay is the future of global payroll. And as the needs, concerns and challenges of the multi-national organization continue to grow, we remain committed to staying ahead of the game, developing robust cloud-based solutions that transform global payroll for the better.


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