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Why I’m Looking Forward to Workday Rising

Oct 20, 2014 

November 3rd sees the start of Workday Rising 2014 in San Francisco, the premier event for members of the Workday community. CloudPay is delighted to be a Gold sponsor of this truly unique conference, and the excitement is building as we get closer to its kick-off.

So, what am I – and the rest of the delegates from CloudPay – looking forward to most? With so much going on – with intriguing keynotes, in-depth sessions and networking events , it is hard to select what we’re most excited about. So, rather than limit it to just one or two things, here are the top six reasons we’re looking forward to Workday Rising:

  1. Kick-Off. The morning of Tuesday, November 4 will see the event kick off with a rally from Workday’s executives, where we’ll all learn more about Workday’s amazing growth and achievements since we sat in the hall last year. Of course, we’re also anticipating their forward-looking statements – we’ve certainly been speculating about the announcements we think we might hear as well as who from outside of Workday will be called to the stage.
  2. Atmosphere. Each year, the buzz at the event gets louder and louder. Rising is full of customers and prospects eager to learn more about what Workday and its partners can do to enhance the value of their organization.
  3. Sessions. Workday Rising has plenty to educate its audience. There are hundreds of sessions and speaking events going on, covering all functions of Workday and aimed at the varying corporate levels of attendees. We’re definitely on the lookout to hear Greg Bergin’s experience of Groupon’s Workday and CloudPay integration project and how much value that has brought them. We’re also excited for Wendy Spiesman and Steve Dawson of Thomson Reuters – another joint client of Workday and CloudPay – to take the stage.
  4. Awesome customer event. Well, there’s two actually! A lucky few with the right passes will get to go to Workday’s infamous customer event on Wednesday evening. Typically, this is a great time to engage socially and see who lets their hair down most! On Tuesday, CloudPay is hosting a lower key affair at a winery for our existing customers. This will be a chance to sample some fine dining, washed down with some of the best regional wines.
  5. Selfie Fun! If you come and find us at Booth 208, you have the chance to win some great prizes by taking a selfie and posting it – we’re looking forward to seeing the fun and unique pictures that can be taken around the booth!
  6. San Francisco! As well as the event itself, we need to think about how to best sample some of what San Francisco has to offer – sampling chocolate in Ghiardelli’s, taking a trip over to Alcatraz, cycling the Golden Gate bridge, going up to the Legion of Honor, or having dinner on Fisherman’s Wharf. Hmm, too many choices!

As you can see, there is plenty to be excited about with Workday Rising just around the corner, and CloudPay is lucky to have a front row seat! Of course, we’ll be sharing the highlights from the event once we return!

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