Workday Rising Europe: Much More Than Jelly Beans and Pens

Apr 7, 2014 

Oftentimes, trade shows and customer events are known simply for how many freebies the delegates can jam into their bags and carry back with them. But somehow, the inaugural Workday Rising Europe felt different.

True, some vendors come laden with gifts in the vain hope of enticing people to their booths. Rather than leaving with a plethora of give-aways, Workday’s customers come away with a better understanding about what they've achieved from their investment in SaaS-based technology as well as great insight on what's coming next.

After a kick-off on Monday, the event went into full gear on Tuesday with a keynote address from Workday executives Aneel Bhusri, Leighanne Lavensaler and Chano Fernandez. The session gave attendees a great overview of how the company has developed and the importance it's placing on helping European customers drive success. Hearing from those going through the implementation process and the immediate value that the Workday solution is already bringing to their organizations was unbelievable - certainly, there's a love for mobile cloud applications!

We also heard how HP went live with a big bang implementation of 300,000 global employees. This is very impressive in this workspace and a great testament to those who must have worked tirelessly to get that implementation over the line.

Additionally, Workday’s team talked about their move to single line of code to ensure that developers work on the same branches of code that their customers are working on in real time. This allows them to speed up development and greatly reduce customer downtime during system updates. Such a strategy gives credence to the approach adopted by CloudPay a short while back. We know from experience that this method provides a great deal of satisfaction to customers, significantly reducing the impact on clients as base code is updated and new features are released.

From a CloudPay perspective, it's great to meet the joint customers we already have with Workday, including those on the journey of implementing the certified payroll interfaces to ensure a consistent, repeatable integration between the respective applications.

Workday Rising also offered the chance to meet prospective new citizens of the cloud. I watched with great interest as those with affiliations old and new with Workday interacted, both keen to learn and pass on knowledge. The focus on customer satisfaction (a basic 95% scorecard that many others can only aspire to) means there's a confidence and buzz amongst the Workday community. Sure, they challenge on what they'd like to see in the future, but the great thing is that Workday listens, invests and advances the application in line with the best needs from their community.

I come away from the show very glad to be part of this community, and proud that CloudPay offers a SaaS-based solution of complementary value to Workday's citizens of the cloud.

And yes, I may now have a new pen, but I promise the jelly beans were for my kids!