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Going Paperless With Your Payroll

Jun 13, 2013 

It seems everyone wants to be more green these days, and for sure, this is a good thing. Cars are greener, homes are greener, factories…all greener. But did you know you could contribute to the green wave with your organization’s payroll? You absolutely can by going paperless! Think about it: fewer trees cut down means fewer trains and trucks moving them around, as well as fewer factories making paper that would need to be transported to stores and customers and, well, you get the idea. Although going paperless is a good thing in all facets of your work and personal life, there are some very specific pros and cons about it as it relates to payroll.

First and foremost, going paperless will save you money. No more paper, no more printers and no more envelopes, stuffing machines, postage, etc. I wonder how much that adds up to for you? It isn’t just financial savings – going paperless also leads to time savings. Pay slips can be viewed online instantly once you put them there. Moreover, an employee’s pay slip will never get lost in the mail or be eaten by the dog, and you never need to re-print them or go digging through paper archives to find them if lost. Of course, this also means that your employees need access to the internet, and while it is hard to believe in this day and age that someone wouldn’t have access to a computer or the internet, you must take it into consideration. You likely will also face resistance from a small percentage of employees who are just technology adverse, but good communication and one-on-one training can help them overcome those challenges.

An interesting, and often overlooked, benefit to going paperless is increased confidentiality. Sure, some people think the web gets hacked all the time. The reality is that it doesn’t, and credible payroll providers, like CloudPay, make certain your data is always protected. It’s a lot more confidential having pay slips on-line than going through the mail where anyone can just decide to open it up – not that this happens very often.

So, how do you go paperless? Chances are your payroll software or provider already offers this functionality and you just need to request that it be turned on. Here at CloudPay, we certainly do and we make sure your online pay slips are compliant to each country’s requirements. You do need a good communication plan with plenty of lead time for your employees. People will have questions, so you will want to give plenty of notice before you switch and provide employees with information about what it means to them. You’ll find in some countries you won’t be able to achieve 100% paperless operations and that is a shame, but is largely due to cultural hang-ups or certain types of workforces that still simply require that piece of paper. Don’t let that stop you, though; the overwhelming majority of the world can easily go paperless.

There are lots of resources available on the internet as well. If you want more information try or search for paperless payroll and plenty will come up. That’s all for this blog, and I am pleased to tell you that at no time did I print it out on paper for editing…

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