Payroll in APAC: Hong Kong, Part I

As Hong Kong continues to emerge as one of the most rapidly growing markets in the APAC region and a global financial center, it has garnered increased attention from multinational corporations. The companies that expand their operations to Hong Kong experience numerous benefits – a highly educated, English-speaking population, an open and fast-growing economy and a business environment highly receptive to international investment. But Hong Kong’s payroll policies and regulations, as outlined in its extensive Employment Ordinance, can make hiring employees pretty complicated. Continue reading

Payroll in APAC: A Brief Introduction

More and more companies are taking advantage of a new borderless workforce and expanding or introducing operations into new countries. And the high growth region of Asia-Pacific (or APAC) is particularly inviting to multinational corporations seeking expansion. As APAC is home to two-thirds of the world’s population, and many of its nations are experiencing rapid business growth, the region is a great place to find the qualified talent needed to help a company succeed. Continue reading