Implementation Services

Time-tested Global Service Delivery Provides Efficient Global Payroll Program Management
CloudPay offers a proven, process-based global delivery methodology steeped in Prince2 and Six Sigma. The methodology provides a best-practices transition to CloudPay’s secure, Software-as-a-Service Global Payroll Solution, helping you pay employees accurately and on-time.

Proven Framework, Proven Results
CloudPay’s experienced payroll and program management professionals ensure a smooth deployment of your global payroll solution. CloudPay has developed a process-based methodology that successfully transitions organizations to its cloud-based global payroll solution using a proven phased approach tailored to your organization’s specific requirements.

By working with CloudPay you can:

  • Facilitate a successful transition with an effective overall program structure and detailed country project plans that manage the implementation from initial engagement through to go-live and ongoing service operation
  • Address all critical system requirements by participating in expert-led global and in-country discovery sessions
  • Ensure the highest quality payrolls are transitioned to support accurate, on time payroll delivery
  • Experience an open and collaborative communication environment with your designated program team
  • Benefit from appropriate governance and management of data through a defined process steeped in Prince2 and Six Sigma
  • Leverage the experience of CloudPay’s program and project managers, business analysts, transition consultants and support team to design a solution that accommodates local nuances and global requirements
  • Ensure all existing infrastructures, language and cultural requirements are mapped for success
  • Reap the rewards of a time-tested methodology built from years of experience deploying global payroll

Standardized Solution and Approach: Successfully Transition from Current State to Desired Results
CloudPay offers a common approach to global payroll, enabling organizations to leverage efficiencies in their global deployment. At the same time, CloudPay’s proven methodology accommodates local requirements and cultural nuances to deliver a flexible solution that meets the business’ need.

Establishing a Roadmap for Success: Phased Approach for Optimal Delivery
CloudPay’s expertise and global payroll knowledge will ensure you start phasing the project at appropriate times of the year and with countries that will set the stage for success during the global transition. The initial discovery phase will identify the scope, existing resources and project goals. A global discovery sets the roadmap for overall program goals, governance requirements and key solution deliverables, resulting in a global blueprint. This global blueprint defines the project’s start and end date and key project milestones. A country or regional discovery session identifies country-specific requirements. This discovery phase will further define roles and responsibilities, pay schedules and payroll authorization processes. CloudPay’s proven methodology and discovery templates add accuracy and speed to the project deployment.

Parallel Runs: Validate Change for Stable Solution Delivery
Parallel runs proceed the Go Live phase, ensuring that the solution is stable and configured properly to meet your unique requirements. The process manages any differences between the incumbent system and the CloudPay platform and ensures execution is in accordance with previously defined in-country plans.

Comprehensive Operations Manual: Daily Reference Tool to Guide Day-to-Day Operations
During the project, weekly calls, project meetings and candid communication with the CloudPay Global Support Team ensure a seamless Go Live. CloudPay will provide you with a comprehensive operations manual that includes payroll schedules, roles and responsibilities, and pertinent details to ensure an accurate, on time payroll in every country. This facilitates a smooth transition between CloudPay’s Managed Services team and your organization.

Successfully Transition to Global Payroll
CloudPay has refined, and continues to refine, the CloudPay methodology based on customer experience and new learning and this approach has resulted in a successful change management process. Well-versed in the complexity of navigating different cultural requirements, languages and geographic requirements, CloudPay is able to deliver process efficiencies that fast-track results. This breadth and depth of expertise in global payroll deployments helps organizations realize a smooth and seamless transition to the CloudPay platform.